An Ode To LNDR's Absolutely Perfect Leggings

They’re the ultimate athleisure staple.

by Shani Hillian
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10/10 Recommend
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Once upon a time, leggings were just a workout essential. Over the last few years, however, they’ve gained a credible reputation in the fashion world as a cozy and totally appropriate staple when traditional pants just don’t appeal. You can work out in them, sure, or you can dress them up for the office and even a late-night dinner. Leggings are the LBD of athleisure wear and they’re here to stay.

As someone who grew up playing competitive sports, I’ve long been a legging wearer. And, ever since giving birth a year and a half ago, I’m rarely seen in anything but leggings. That said, I’ve become very particular with the way I purchase athleisure attire since my body composition has changed. Before I add a pair of leggings to my shopping cart, I go directly to the “filter” tab to ensure they meet three major criteria: Are they long enough? (I’m a 5’10 goddess, y’all.) Are they sculpting? Last but not least: Are they sustainably made (environmentally friendly and made from a long-lasting material)? After lots of trial and error — and many trips to UPS drop-off points for returns — I’ve gladly (and unexpectedly) found the light at what felt like a never-ending research tunnel with LNDR’s The Sunday Leggings.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $128
  • Best for: The gym or studio
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Brand: LNDR
  • What I Like: The quality is unmatched: They’re strong, sturdy, and sustainable
  • What I Don’t Like: They’re pricey

My Issue

To simplify: I’m tall, I need a bit more security around the midsection, and, quite frankly, I’m sick of harming our earth (and my wallet) with fast fashion.

Typically, any type of pants — whether they’re jeans or leggings — tend to be high waters on me, which I loathe. It’s only in recent years that brands have a “tall” category. Sometimes these don’t cater to my needs, as they’ll either sit right below my calves or extend so far down that I have to tuck them under. So my dream is a full-length legging with medium compression that won’t contribute to the demise of the planet.

LNDR The Sunday 8/8 Leggings

LNDR was founded by three active international women based in London whose primary mission was to create a better quality brand of products. More than half of each product in the athleisure line is made from recycled fabrics, and the brand is currently developing biodegradable fabrics using seaweed and pineapple leaf fiber.

I first discovered the LNDR brand via my friend Meg Takacs, a marathon runner and trainer. In the middle of one of our training sessions, she bent down to demonstrate a kettlebell swing, and I couldn’t help noticing the way she moved about so seamlessly without making any adjustments to her clothing. That might seem minuscule to the average person, however, if you’ve never felt the urge to adjust your sports bra after a set of shoulder presses or pull your leggings back up after a deep squat... baby, you don’t feel my pain (I’m singing this in my Beyoncé voice). The stars aligned perfectly that day because Meg had an extra pair of the brand-new Plush Supreme leggings — and she ever-so-kindly gave them to me so I could test out the brand before committing to a purchase.

First Impression

The very next morning I attended a spin class to give them a test ride and I must say — slipping them on was easy. And that’s not something you can say very often (if ever) about leggings. The LNDR leggings feel truly unmatched by any other pair of workout leggings I’ve ever tried. They fit my body like a glove, providing equal parts stretch and compression that make me feel secure, held in, and comfortable.

Made of entirely recycled material (aside from the elastane), their velvety-smooth fabric is moisture-wicking and sculpting. The seams wrap around the top of the buttocks and down the side of the legs, providing a flattering elongated silhouette. They’re long in length, which meets my top legging criteria, conveniently sitting mid-ankle (which is impressive). The biggest bonus? I discovered a phone-sized pocket on one side that allowed me to carry my valuables sans bag.

The Verdict

The LNDR leggings meet all three of my criteria for the perfect workout pant, so I’m a newfound loyalist to the brand. Yes, they are pricey, retailing at $128. Before these, I had never paid any more than $80 or $90 for leggings. However, I truly believe they are worth the investment.

I’ve purchased at least five more pairs since having my first set gifted months ago and I wear them daily, whether running errands, taking my daughter to the park, or WFH. IMHO, they can be worn to all sporty (and non-sporty) activities: I’ve rocked them during many hardcore running sessions and they’ve held up handsomely. I machine wash and tumble dry them at minimum two times a week and they have not lost their color, the seams are still intact, and the stretch remains sturdy and strong.

If you’re considering purchasing them, you’ve got options: The Sunday Legging is available in four autumn-rich colors (including midnight gray and forest green) and a variety of sizes, ranging from XS-XL, fitting true to size. With their buttery-soft feel and comfortable compression — not to mention their eco-conscious materials — trust me when I say they’re worth snagging for your activewear wardrobe.

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