11 Glute-Strengthening Pilates Exercises

Featuring leg circles, bridges, and more.

How to target the inner thighs.


Pilates workouts recruit multiple muscles, joints, and ligaments at once, which is why it’s a solid low-impact way to sweat. Instructor Olivia Bowman-Jackson says it also stretches your muscles so you feel lengthened rather than tight. Here, 11 Pilates glute exercises to try.


Leg Lifts

Bowman-Jackson says this targets the gluteus maximus.

- On hands and knees, extend right leg back.

- With abs in, lift leg up to hip level. Pulse 2x.

- Tap foot to floor, lift again. Repeat 10x.

- For a challenge, lift opposite arm at the same time.

Repeat on each side.