9 Ab Workouts You Can Do With A Resistance Band

Twist and shout.

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Adding a resistance band to your ab workout is a great way to make any routine just a little bit harder in the best way, trainer Amanda Foland tells Bustle. The band increases muscle activation and development, especially if you do each move with control.

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Foland’s Circuit

These five moves will hit all your ab muscles. Do the circuit 3x, with 30 seconds of rest in between.

1. Use band during body rotations, 15 reps.

2. Pilates leg raises, 15 reps.

3. Bicycle crunches w/ band on feet, 12 reps.

4. Seated Roman twists, 10 reps.

5. Plank knee pulls, 12 reps.

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Workout from CPT Darlene Bellarmino

Ab muscles benefit from slow movements, she says, so don’t rush!

1. Stand on band, oblique twists.

2. On back, raise legs 45 degrees.

3. Side planks w/ band, hold top leg up.

4. Spiderman pushups, band on feet, touch knee to elbow.

Do 15 reps, 4x.

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Workout From Trainer Matt Scarfo

Using a band will make these moves difficult & force you to stabilize.

1. Attach band to steady object & pull/twist at chest level 15x.

2. Attach band to floor, lay on back, hook onto feet, raise legs 15x.

3. Bicycle crunches with band around feet 15x.

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Instructor Cassey Ho’s Workout

1. In tabletop, band behind knees, twist shoulder to opposite knee. Alternate 20x.

2. On back, band under knees. Lift & lower legs, push legs out in pulses. 10x.

3. Legs in air, flex foot in band & drop leg to side so lower body creates L shape. 20x.

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Circuit From Crunch’s Khalil Kelley

According to Kelley, this circuit does a great job of putting your body through rotational movements, while bands encourage stability.

1. Anti-rotation holds.

2. Dead bugs.

3. Superman press.

4. Bicycle crunches.

Do 3 sets, 30 seconds per side.

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Coach Candice McDaniel’s Go-To

Mix up your training by adding a resistance band to these exercises:

1. Standing knee raises.

2. Plank leg jumps.

3. Plank walks.

4. Alternating toe touches.

5. Plank side knee raises.

6. Mountain climbers.

Do each 10 to 30x.

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Circuit from VFit’s Maria Sogard

1. With band around wrists, do walking planks.

2. Move hips into downward dog, 30 seconds.

3. Repeat walking planks, now with band on ankles.

4. On back, do leg raises with legs spread far apart.

5. Do roll ups, reach arms high at top.

Do circuit 3x.

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Trainer Norma Lowe’s System

Do three rounds for a toned core. Use a thicker band for tougher workout.

1. Knee-ins. Sit down, band around feet, bring knees to chest, 10x.

2. Standing band obliques, 10x.

3. Mountain climbers. Band around feet, get into plank, bring knees to chest. 30 seconds.

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Trainer John Gardner’s Bicycle Crunches

When in doubt, do bicycles!

1. Lie on mat, place a band around each foot.

2. Raise legs to 45 degree angle. Hold bands tight.

3. Bring left knee to right shoulder, keeping other leg straight.

4. Alternate.

Do 3 sets of 15.