11 Resistance Band Exercises That Target Your Glutes

Your bum will feel the burn.

Trainers share their favorite resistance band exercises for strengthening the glutes.
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While regular squats, bridges, and lunges all target the butt, you can get more bang for your buck by doing glute exercises with a resistance band. Fitness trainer Keisha Villarson says the tool helps activate your glutes by creating tension, which makes your muscles work harder.

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Fire Hydrant

This is Villarson’s go-to exercise to target glutes and hamstrings:

- In tabletop with a band above knee, lift one leg to side.

- Bring leg back to start, then kick back with leg at 90-degree angle. Keep foot flexed.

- Continue for 3 sets of 12 on each side.

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Banded Squat

Trainer Jack Craig recommends doing banded squats if you want an extra challenge: adding a band targets the small, more difficult-to-reach glute medius muscle.

- With band around knees, sink into a squat.

- Push knees outward.

- Stand and repeat for 3 sets of 8.

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Donkey Kicks

Bande’s Nicole Uribarri says these hit your hammies, glutes, and core and shoulders since you’re balancing.

- On all fours, put band around feet.

- Extend one leg so thigh’s parallel to floor.

- Tap knee to floor, then extend leg horizontally.

- 3 sets of 20 per leg.

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These create strength in your outer thigh and gluteus medius, says trainer Kim D'Agnese.

- Start on your side with legs stacked & bent at 45-degrees, band around thighs.

- Open & close top knee, pressing against band as you lift.

- Lower with control.

- Do 30 per side.

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D'Agnese recommends these to hit the lower posterior chain muscles.

- Start on back with knees bent, feet hip-width apart, band across hips.

- Press hands into floor holding other end of band & lift hips against it.

- Squeeze glutes.

- Gently lower.

- Do 2 sets of 30.

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Step Backs

Fitness instructor Alayna Curry says you’ll feel this move in your quads while it also activates glutes.

- Squat with band halfway up thighs.

- Holding squat, step one foot back to tap floor.

- Maintain squat position & repeat on other side.

Alternate 10 steps, 3x.

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Single-Leg Deadlifts

Try single-leg deadlifts with a band to build balance and train glutes, says trainer Matt Scarfo.

- Place band under foot, hold other end in hand.

- Keep other foot elevated.

- Perform deadlift movement using band as resistance.

Do 10-12 reps per side, 3x.

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Jump Squats

To fire up your glutes, try this exercise from trainer Kemma Cunningham. (It's great cardio, too!)

- Place band above knees.

- Squat, dig heels into ground, lift chest.

- Explode up in a jump then land in squat position.

Do 3x for 30-second intervals, 10 sec. of rest.

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Banded Plank Leg Raises

Trainer Natalie Yco loves these for strengthening the core and butt at the same time.

- Get into forearm plank with band above knees.

- Engage abs & raise one leg up, pressing against band.

- Lower leg, then raise the other.

- Do 10-15 times per side.

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Lateral Band Walks

Yco says this move strengthens the smaller muscles of the butt.

- Put band above knee (or around ankles for a challenge).

- Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent.

- Move sideways, keeping tension in band.

Walk for 1-2 mins. in each direction.

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Leg Circles

D’Agnese says this move hits the sides of your legs & glutes.

- Lie on your side, prop up on left forearm.

- With band around right foot, hold the ends with right hand.

- Stretch left leg long. Make tiny circles with heel.

Do 30 circles per leg.

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