9 Supportive Resources For People Having Suicidal Thoughts

Here's where to get advice and assistance.

Picture of a desperate woman scratching her head while sitting near the window in black background

Accessing the support you need at a time like this is more important than ever. A recent study conducted by the University of Glasgow has found that COVID-19 has had a “major impact” on mental health, with increased numbers of people experiencing suicidal thoughts. This was even more common among young people. Here are nine UK organisations offering support for people having suicidal thoughts, including helplines and messaging services for immediate support and resources and information about mental health more widely.

Mental Health month has felt particularly pertinent this year. Organisations have highlighted that throughout the pandemic more people have been experiencing difficulties with their mental health. The research conducted by the University of Glasgow found that there had been a general rise in suicidal thoughts, from 8% to 10%. This was higher in people aged 18 to 29. They found that suicidal thoughts had risen from 12.5% to 14%.

Although this only seems like a slight rise, chair in health psychology at the University of Glasgow's Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Prof. Rory O'Connor told the BBC, “the majority of people did not report any suicidal thoughts, but this creeping rise over a very short period of time is a concern.” As the study looked at how 3,000 adults felt in three blocks of time between March 31 and May 11 Prof. O’Connor said, "levels of anxiety decreased during the same period of time, but that relates to the past. Suicidal thoughts are about looking to the future.”

If you’re struggling with through lockdown, here are some UK-based organisations that can offer a listening ear and useful resources.


Papyrus is a specialist charity working with young people who are having suicidal thoughts. They have a helpline and email you can contact them on. Instead of staying silent, Papyrus want to bust the stigma that surrounds suicide and make sure information and help is accessible as it can be.

National Suicde Prevention Alliance

National Suicide Prevention Alliance was set up in 2013 and is run by community organisations to support those having suicidal thoughts and people affected by suicide. They have a map tool on their website which can point you in the direction of the closest local service which can help you.


Campaign Against Living Miserably is a leading charity raising awareness and providing support for people who are struggling with their mental health. They have a helpline and webchat which is manned seven hours a day, seven days a week and also run support groups.

Mind Out

Mind Out is a mental health organisation run by and for LGBTQ+ people. They offer understanding, non judgemental advice as well as peer support and mentoring. Similarly, they run advice sessions through their website and have an entire section dedicated to suicide prevention.

The Mix

The Mix is a mental health charity set up to support people under the age of 25. They can put you in contact with experts or peers to help you work through your feelings. They have group chats and discussion boards to help you build community as well as the option to speak to one of their experts.


Sane is an organisation that raises awareness and combats the stigma attached to mental illness and provides practical and emotional care for those struggling. Their website has a wealth of resources on different mental health conditions and a walk through on suicide for people having suicidal thoughts or their loved ones.

Give Us A Shout

Give Us A Shout is a text line that was opened in 2019 to help people feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or suicidal. You can contact them and they'll put you in touch with trained volunteers to talk things over with. Texts are also monitored by clinical supervisors who can offer next step support and practical help.


Samaritans run a helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also get in touch with them by sending an email or through their app. Their website says that they’re not only there for a moment of crisis, but also to prevent it. If you’re feeling low, isolated, anxious, depressed, or suicidal they can be a listening ear and also offer you practical advice to take the next step.

Side By Side From Mind

Mind is a leading mental health charity in the UK. Their website includes information on mental health and available support. Side by Side is the section of their website that offers community and resources for people struggling with their mental health. You can create an account and message other users, comment on posts, or post yourself.