9 Trainer-Approved Stretches For Hip Pain

From butterfly pose to happy baby.

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Try these trainer-recommended stretches to relieve hip pain.
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The most common cause of achy hips? Tightness and poor posture, says trainer Kim D’Agnese, which is most often caused by a sedentary lifestyle. (Read: hunching at a desk all day.) Loosen things up by doing these expert-approved stretches for hip pain regularly.

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Kneeling Hip Flexor

D’Agnese recommends this pose to realign your pelvis.

- Come down to one knee in front of a wall.

- Square your hips, curl tailbone under, look down.

- Press your hands against wall as you round your spine.

- Hold for 30 seconds.

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Butterly Pose

Liza Colpa, an instructor from YogaToday, recommends this posture to release hips and inner thighs.

- Sit, bring feet together, pull heels to pelvis.

- Lean forward, reach chest to feet.

- Press elbows into thighs for a deeper stretch.

- Hold for 3-6 breaths.

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Prone Leg Twist

This relieves sciatic nerve pain and hip tightness, says physical therapist Dr. Kristen Gasnick.

- Lie on back with knees bent.

- Cross one leg over the other, place foot on opposite leg.

- Use hand to push knee of top leg away.

- Hold 30 sec.

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Happy Baby

Yoga teacher Brett Larkin says this pose “liberates locked-up hips.”

- Lie on your back.

- Fold your knees toward armpits.

- Hold onto outer shins, ankles, or feet.

- Gently rock side to side.

Do it after a workout or whenever you feel stiff.

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Pigeon Pose

Colpa says this is a great deep stretch for the hip flexors.

- Start in tabletop.

- Send right knee behind right wrist, heel to left hip.

- Use toes to walk left leg out straight behind you.

- Hold for 3-6 breaths, then repeat on other side.

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Garland Pose

Another yoga posture to try? The hip-opening garland pose.

- Squat down.

- Bring legs apart.

- Use elbows to gently push knees away from each other.

- Hold for 30 seconds.

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Lizard Pose

Get an “amazing full-body stretch with a focus on the hips,” says Colpa.

- From tabletop, step right foot up next to right hand.

- Straighten left leg back behind you.

- For a deeper stretch, bring forearms to ground or grab back foot.

- Hold 30 sec. per side.

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90/90 Lunge

Physical therapist Lara Heimann recommends this pose for hip pain.

- Lunge forward, like you’re about to propose on one knee.

- Lift torso up, spine engaged.

- Lift arms to enhance stretch in hips.

- Hold for 20 seconds on each side.

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Lying Lumbar Rotation

D’Agnese says this offers a great stretch in your hips and lower back.

- Lie on ground.

- Let your knees fall to one side and open your opposite arm.

- Turn head to look at opposite arm.

- Hold for 30 sec. per side.

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