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Why You’re Seeing “Texts With My Situationship” Videos All Over TikTok

“You’d get bored with a nice boy.”

TikTok users are uploading "texts with my situationship" videos to the app.
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If you, like many single folks, are well-acquainted with the perils of modern dating, chances are you’re familiar with the good ol’ “situationship.” Even if you’ve never been in one yourself, the term is nearly unavoidable if you scroll around social media. TikTok, especially, is a treasure trove of stories and hilarious content about people’s experiences being in situationships (the hashtag #situationship has 1.1 billion views alone) — and born from this now comes the viral “texts with my situationship” TikTok trend.

Unlike a friends-with-benefits scenario or full-on partnership, a typical situationship involves two people who are both sexually, and usually somewhat romantically, involved, but either one or both parties won’t commit. This seems to be the case for thousands of TikTok creators, who have bombarded the app with text conversations — ranging from cute and flattering to absolutely outrageous — between themselves and the other person in their situationship.

Whether or not you also find yourself in the ever-frustrating situationship, here is everything you need to know about the viral trend.

What Is The “Texts With My Situationship” TikTok Trend?

If there’s one thing TikTok is great for, it’s providing a trove of content thanks to many of its users being candid about navigating the dating scene. Each video following the “texts with my situationship” trend features screenshots of text messages between the creator and their situationship partner that illustrate the ups and downs of their relationship. Some of the texts are funny, even sweet, while others are playfully (and not so playfully) mean. A vast majority of the videos use the TikTok sound made by user @kyleandjackieo. The sound is a clip cut from — ironically — a song called “Happiness” by singer Alexis Jordan.

Where Did The “Texts With My Situationship” Trend Come From?

Considering the thousands of popular videos following it, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where and when the trend first arose. One of the earliest and most viral videos, though, was made by user @amandahuhman in July 2022. With 8.2 million views, the TikTok shares texts Huhman received from the guy with whom she’d been in a situationship for a year, according to the video.

How To Do The “Texts With My Situationship” Trend

If you want to spill the tea about your own situationship, joining in on the trend is easy. Hold down on the text message you want to share — as though you were going to “react” to it — and then take a screenshot. This blurs the rest of the conversation so that the text you want to feature is front-and-center. Put together your favorite texts, and then start making the TikTok video.

You can make either a normal video by uploading your screenshots into the TikTok editor, or you can follow the lead from the most recent videos using the trend and use the app’s slideshow feature, which allows viewers to swipe through your hilarious texts at their own pace. Getting your situationship partner’s consent to share the texts might be a good idea, just in case their texts end up going viral.