How To Caption The Perfect Vaccine Selfie

Twelve ideas for when it’s your turn.

Alexander Spatari, Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

You know how it’s supposed to be good luck when it rains on your wedding day? That’s the vibe 2021 is giving off so far. Sure, the first few weeks have been a doozy (the term the history books will use, I’m sure), but there has, actually, been some good news. More frontline workers who’ve kept us safe and alive throughout this pandemic, along with older folks, are receiving the COVID vaccine. Many who’ve gotten it so far have delighted in posting vaxxies — selfies documenting the jab — and it’s clear that, as vaccines roll out more widely, you’ll only be seeing more of them on the ‘gram. Getting vaccinated is an emotional moment that marks the end of a long, scary, tragic year, and gives a glimmer of hope that the pandemic will soon be over. It’s at least as worthy of a feed post as your breakfast is.

Vaxxies are typically taken right after the shot’s in, so you’ll want to make sure it captures enough of your arm to show the Band-Aid. Other popular vaxxie formats show the nurse literally administering the shot, but if you feel like it’d be disruptive, wait until after. Thanks to iPhone technology and the length of a human arm, it’s possible to get your face in there too, so practice your keenest “I just got vaccinated” expression. And be sure to have a mask on — your post is promoting pandemic safety, after all.

A vaxxie is sure to garner a ton of likes — it’d be rude not to celebrate the beginning of the end of this pandemic. Plus, it’s basically your civic duty to show off your vaccination, since approximately 25% of folks are still on the fence about it.

If you’re wondering what to caption your very own vaxxie when it’s your turn, look no further than the following suggestions for inspo.

The Earnest:

*Big thumbs up, huge smile you can’t see under the mask*

“So grateful to everyone who made this happen!”

The Activist:

*Rosie the Riveter pose*

“Got vaccinated & you should too! Defeating this virus relies on our shared immunity. It doesn’t hurt at all, and I got this cute Band-Aid! Check my link in bio to find out when and where you can get the vaccine.”

The Romantic:

*Cutesy pic of partners hugging, Band-Aid facing the camera*

“Guess which goofball just got the vaccine!! Can’t wait to finally get a break from each other. No, really.”

The Pithy:

*Blank stare — in fact, the opposite of smizing*

“Does this vaccine make me look COVID-immune?”

The Athletic:

*Full-body pic in yoga garb, aka everyone else’s daily look*

“Heart rate up from getting that good good vax juice this morning!! New York City Marathon, here I come #byecovid”

The Coy:

*Looks sultrily at camera, clearly not smiling under mask.*

Oh, this? It’s just my COVID vaccination, why do you ask?”

The Jubilant:

*Photo taken with self-timer, both hands in the air with excitement*


The Overdramatic:

*A vaxxie followed by a photo of the line to get the vaccine*

“Waited in line for 11 kajillion hours to get this. Could not be more worth it, but it was a really long wait. But no regrets.”

The Planner:

*Picture-taker in sunglasses, ready to conquer the day*

“Just got vaccinated and I cannot wait to get out there and... do whatever it is I used to do before COVID. I can’t specifically remember right now, but I’m sure it’ll come to me.”

The Influencer:

*Somehow, the vaccine was administered next to a pool*

No caption, just a long string of emojis.

The Goofy:

*Selfie-taker is clearly sticking their tongue out under their mask — like, there’s tongue-to-mask contact*

“Last one to get vaccinated is a rotten egg!”

The Thirst Trap:

*Close-up of Band-Aid, suggesting the selfie-taker is wearing nothing else*

“Love having things stuck inside me.”