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11 Sweet Valentine's Day Texts To Send Your Partner

Roses are red, iMessages are blue...

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It's Feb. 14, and you're ready to rumble. Sure, you could break out the construction paper and the scissors that cut in fun shapes to make your partner a literal paper Valentine. But honestly, who has the time? Or a glue stick? In this economy! For a mess-free message, these Valentine's Day texts to send your partner are sweeter than Fun-Dip (and sexier, too).

Whether you think Valentine's day is totally overrated or you wait all year for Feb. 14, V-Day can be a sweet time to tell your boo how much you like them. Among the daily stresses of work and school, and of course, living through a global pandemic, taking a day to give your date some affection may be just what the love doctor ordered. If you're not one for gifts or big displays of affection, a nice text can be the perfect balance of lovely and low-key. And if you're all about the gifts and surprises, a sappy V-Day text can set the tone for a whole day of love.

Here are 11 texts to send your sweetie on Feb. 14.


Roses are red, iMessages are blue. I hate green texts, but I'll do it for you.

I love you even though you have an Android, and I had to download WhatsApp to video chat you.


Want to celebrate tomorrow when the candy is half-off at CVS?

Nothing says "flirty" like being frugal.


I know Valentine's Day is cheesy, but we're so gouda together, I think we're really meant to brie.

You really put the "cute" in charcuterie.


I like you every day, but today I got you chocolates.

This is 100% inspired by 500 Days of Summer, and I'm not ashamed.


I'm thinking we ditch the fancy dinner and go straight to dessert.

Don't worry, we can eat takeout in bed after.


Happy Valentine's Day! I love you more than there are steps in my skincare routine.

And you know I love my serums.


I love you so much I'd give you my charger when my phone was on 1%.

Now that is love.


Happy Valentine's Day, babe! Happy we get to makeout.

Or fall asleep watching Bridgerton. You know, whatever works.


Full disclosure: I forgot to get you a present, but I think I can find a way to make it up to you...

You can also try: "I have to give you my present in person."


Do you think everyone knows I have a big crush on you? That's embarrassing...

It's almost like we're dating or something.


Happy V-Day! Can't wait to see you later. I'll be thinking of you all day.

Earnest is always in style.