16 Wellness Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses — All Under $50

From silk-lined beanies and coffee-scented candles to yoga class passes.

You love your besties, and you want to remind them just how much you appreciate them during the cold winter months — but let's face it, the choices out there can be overwhelming. (Kind of like 2020 itself, right?) If everyone from your roommate to your second cousin are trying to get into that self-care game, you might want to think about getting them some wellness gifts from Black-owned businesses.

Self-care reaches a whole other level when it centers on community care, aka taking care of your people as a part of self-care. What better way to celebrate the holidays than a win-win gifting situation? By doing your holiday shopping with Black-owned wellness brands, you'll be making your friends smile and putting your money where your Black Lives Matter sign is at the same time.

No matter who's on your nice list this year, a little research can help you find the perfect present. These 16 wellness gifts from Black-owned businesses are sure to make everyone happy.

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Body Butter

If your friend's been looking for a new moisturizer, especially as the days get colder, this vegan and cruelty-free brand may be just right for them.


Edge Control Serum For Protective Hair Styles

Your bestie's been wearing a protective style while they go after their pandemic fitness goals, so help them protect their edges with this daily serum.


Winter Night-Scented Candle

The smell of coffee from this candle and a crackling Netflix fireplace is all your bestie needs to feel snuggly and warm on a cold winter night.


Hair Revitalization Kit

Who wants to deep condition their hair when it's freezing outside? This organic, superfood-inspired set of hair masks will encourage your pals to grab a warm towel and give their hair the love it deserves.


Build-Your-Own Gift Box

Want to send your dad a gift box, but you want to pick exactly what he'll get? Choose up to five gifts, all from Black-owned brands, to go in your customized box.


Holiday Body Care Set

Your friend might hate baking, but they can still smell like a holiday bakery. This pie-scented body care set will kick your pal's mornings off to a celebratory start.


Silk-Lined Beanie

It might be getting colder by the day, but if your friend is resisting wearing a beanie because it will completely mess up their hair, gift them this solution. This beanie is silk-lined on the inside to protect both your hair from a hat and your ears from the cold.


Anti-inflammatory Tea

Between COVID, flu season, and your average seasonal cough, winter 2020 is no time to mess around with your health. Gift your pal whose radiator gives them a yearly cough a tin of this soothing tea.


Allergen-Free Cookies

When your bestie's got every allergy known to humankind, send them a delectable sampling of these top-eight allergen-free cookies.


CBD-Infused Hot Sauce

CBD and hot sauce might seem like an odd combination, but if your super-chill roommate can't get enough spice in their food, it'll probably go appreciated.


Eco-Friendly Menstrual Care Pads

Are you and your roommate constantly using each other's tampons and pads? Treat them (and yourself) to these cooling, pesticide-free cotton overnight pads.


This Two-Week Body-Affirming Yoga Class Pass

If your aunt's been wanting to try yoga, but not sure if it's really her scene, the Brooklyn Yoga Club offers body-positive virtual classes and an unlimited two-week class pass.


Cramp-Soothing Tea

For that friend who gets intense monthly cramps, this blood orange tea can help make their bloated winter days much more bearable.


Orange & Vanilla Lip Balm

Even that friend who's constantly losing their lip balm will want to keep track of this flavored treat.


Bath Soak

If your bestie is lucky enough to have a tub in their apartment, they might also be lucky enough to have a friend like you who gets them relaxing bath soaks like this one.


A Vegan Candle That Comes With A Soothing Playlist

Sometimes lighting a candle isn't enough to help your best bud relax (even when it smells incredible). Encourage them to take it easy with this candle-holiday playlist combo.

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