What To Do If Sitting At A Desk Is Giving You Aches & Pains

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Working at a desk or computer isn’t the same as working up on feet all day, but it still can take a toll on the body — just ask anyone who’s ever stood up after a work session and felt tension or tightness somewhere (hello, it’s me; I’m anyone. You can ask me). However, there are lots of tips, tricks, and clever products out there that can help with the aches and ailments that arise from sitting or working at a desk. Whether you have pieces of proper gear and equipment in use already, or you want to pick up some new essentials to keep on hand, this list is here to help make desk work as comfy as it can be. Some of the items can help prevent discomfort before it starts. Some are designed to soothe and settle issues that have already begun. Tired wrists from too much typing? Achy back from hours spent sitting in an uncomfortable chair? In need of a quick way to get blood flowing when a walk or jog isn’t an option? I got you covered.

As always, please don’t self-diagnose or forgo medical treatment when you have pain or discomfort that might need a doctor’s attention. But, for relief from minor issues that you recognize, and for help relaxing after long, screen-filled days, you’ve come to the right place. Just (ergonomically) scroll on and see.

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Give Tired Wrists Support With This Colorful Gel Rest

You can rest (pun intended) this 18-inch gel wrist rest right next to your keyboard, so your wrists stay relaxed and neutral as you type. It has a non-skid base, so you can trust it to stay in place, plus it’s easy to wipe clean and disinfect if and when necessary.


Sit With Better Posture Using This Cushy Lumbar Pillow

Most of us know how it feels after we’ve sat at a desk or in a chair too long without proper support — tight shoulders, sore back, achy hips. This memory foam lumbar pillow guides you into sitting with better posture and provides cushioned, comfortable back support. It comes in four colors and three sizes, and you can use it in the car, too.


Use This Memory Foam Foot Rest To Keep Feet At Just The Right Angle

Confession: I’m guilty of crossing my legs when I sit, which can lead to a whole host of issues. For anyone else who’s trying to curb this habit, a memory foam foot stool can help. Feet can rest on it at one of two angles depending on the direction it sits, or it can be a gentle rocker with the flat side up.


Strengthen Your Core As You Sit On This Exercise Ball Chair

This best-selling exercise ball comes with a base that allows it to easily double as a chair. Sitting on it requires “micro movements” that can help your focus and concentration, according to the maker. Plus, it can improve your posture and strengthen core muscles, too. It comes in two colors (teal and black), and you can opt for a set with resistance bands for a full workout.


Position Your Monitor At Eye Level To Encourage Better Posture

Along with lifting your monitor 5.5 inches, this computer stand gives you a mini desk surface that’s roughly 17 inches wide and 9 inches deep, and has two compartments that are great for storing office supplies. It has rubber pads at the bottom legs for skid-resistance, keeping your supplies and equipment secure.


Wear Blue Light-Blocking Glasses To Prevent Eye Strain & Fight Glare

These blue light blocking glasses provide UV protection and glare resistance, allowing wearers to stare at screens comfortably for long periods of time. They’re great for phone use and gaming, too. Each set comes with two different fashionable frames, and there are a variety of styles to pick from, including leopard print, clear purple, and more.


Keep Your Hands In A Natural Position With This Ergonomic Mouse

This rechargeable, ergonomic mouse keeps your hand in a neutral position so you can browse the net, work, and play comfortably. It’s made to last for 5 million clicks (not a typo!), and also has a quiet click sound. And it’s wireless, and comes with a USB dongle for supreme chargeability.


Wear This Subtle Posture Correcter Underneath Clothes

This posture corrector is breathable, adjustable, and comes in two different sizes for comfort and ease of use. The design encourages you to open your shoulders, and helps you to stand straighter and taller — ideal for those who spend time hunched forward over a keyboard. With an hour or two of use a day, you can experience results in just a few weeks.


Stash A Yoga Mat Near Your Desk For Stretch Breaks

This yoga mat is 72 inches long, giving you plenty of room to stretch and sprawl when taking breaks. The included strap carrier makes it easy to tote to and from the office, or to keep neatly rolled up and tucked away when not in use. It comes in three different colors (teal, black, and pink).


Use A Neck Massage Pillow To Unwind & Relax

This massaging neck pillow uses heat and a kneading technique to provide relief to tight shoulders, upper back, and neck, or even to legs and feet. It’s great for home use or perfectly sized for the car as well (it comes with a car adapter), so you can feel refreshed during and after your commute.


Stretch With A Foam Roller To Relieve Tightness & Soreness

This versatile foam roller can help relieve muscle tension, achieve deeper stretches, and increase flexibility. It promises high density and extra firmness, and it comes in four different sizes and in seven different colors. Happy buyers gave it especially high marks (and 4.6 stars) for how easy it is to use.


Consider A Ropeless Jump Rope To Get Energy Up & Blood Flowing Anytime

Do you ever just feel like you have pent-up energy in the middle of your work day? This ropeless jump rope (yes, you read that correctly) is the perfect way to release energy and get your heart rate up as well. It makes for quieter jumping if you live above persnickety neighbors, and has comfort handles, an adjustable rope length, and comes in four colors.


Sit On A Memory Foam Cushion With Cooling Gel Instead Of A Worn-Out Seat

This memory foam cushion is filled with cooling gel and has an ergonomic shape designed for extra comfort and support. It’s great for a desk chair, car seat, wheelchair, or for casual home use, and there’s a handle so you can grab it and bring it on the go. The gray cover is removable and washable, too.


Try A Lap Desk With Built-In Mousepad For Extra Comfort & Convenience

Even though you can carry your device with you, laptop users aren’t immune to issues from sitting for long periods. A lap desk keeps your device off your — you guessed it — lap, plus it provides cushioning and gives you a more useful work surface. This one has a mouse pad and slot for your phone, too.


Cushion Your Wrist With A Cute Mouse Pad With Gel Support

This mouse pad is not only delightfully decorative, but the included gel rest saves your wrist from fatigue during long work sessions, positioning it to rest just atop your mouse. The base is non-slip, so you can trust that it’ll stay in place, too. And even better, there are 16 patterns and prints to choose from (dibs on the watercolor scenery).


Relax With Hot Or Cold Relief While Using A Shoulder Wrap

Great for a host of aches and pains, this rice- and grain-filled shoulder wrap also contains aromatic herbs for added stress relief. It can be used as hot therapy by popping it into the microwave, or as cold therapy with help from your freezer. There are multiple patterns available, and a smaller neck size option if you prefer.


Pinpoint Muscle Tension With This Curved Massage Cane

When a masseuse (or helpful friend) is nowhere to be found, you’ll want to have this two-sided massage cane on hand. Designed especially for backs, shoulders, and necks, it’s a great way to relieve knots and tightness, with one side featuring a single pressure point, and the other featuring a y-shape for use around the spine.


Take This Portable, Ergonomic Keyboard With You When Working Away From Home

This rechargeable, portable keyboard folds down so you can slide it into a purse or bag for easy transport. It works with a range of devices thanks to Bluetooth technology, and it has an ergonomic layout that’s easy on your hands. Plus, it comes with a phone holder so you can angle your cell screen accordingly when using them together.


Wear These Wrist Braces To Prevent & Alleviate Carpal Tunnel Discomfort

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or experience tiredness or weakness in your wrists, these wrist braces may be a game changer. They’re made with lightweight, breathable neoprene, nylon, and Spandex, and they’re adjustable so you can always have a comfortable fit. The best part? You can wear them for all kinds of activity levels, from typing to tennis.


Fight Leg & Foot Pain With These Toeless Compression Socks

A pair of compression socks like these can help apply pressure to ankles to keep blood flowing, and to prevent or reduce discomfort due to plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, swollen ankles, high arches, and more. This pair comes in three colors (beige, black, and pink), and in sizes that fit women’s shoe sizes 4-14. They can be worn under regular socks, and you can pop them in the washing machine, too.


Unwind With Soothing Epsom Salt & Lavender Bath Bubbles

Soaking in Dr. Teal’s foaming bath in the evening can help you wash off the day, relax, and sleep better — and it smells amazing to boot, according to reviewers. The bubbles are long-lasting, and help hydrate skin, too. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, so you’ll feel good using it in more ways than one.


Pamper Yourself — & Your Muscles — With Eucalyptus & Peppermint Bath Salt

Bubble baths not your thing? Consider this Epsom salt bath soak with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. It also contains vitamin C and coconut oil, so not only will your muscles (and skin) feel good after using it, according to reviewers, but your bathroom will smell amazing, too.


Make Sure You’re Getting A Good Night’s Rest With A Memory Foam Pillow

A comfortable workspace can only do so much if you wake up with cricks and aches from poor sleep at night. Enter this ventilated memory foam pillow, which is available with or without cooling gel. It fits inside a standard pillowcase, and works especially well for back and side sleepers. The cover is removable and machine washable, too.


Hang This Poster Of Exercises Near Your Workspace To Inspire Stretch Breaks

Feeling antsy (or lethargic) from sitting in one place for too long? Keep this laminated poster with stretching exercises close by to provide plenty of ideas for moving your body. With 52 different examples for 12 different areas of your body, you’ll find lots of choices for stretching what needs it (and some you can even do sitting).


Wear These Cushy, Memory Foam Slippers For An Extra Boost Of Comfort

I don’t make the rules; you can’t be expected to focus if your feet are cold or uncomfy. That’s where these fuzzy slippers come in. The classic clog shape, memory foam insole with arch support, and durable outer sole make them a great choice (as long as your dress code allows it). They’re available in four different sizes and five solid colors, and over 15,000 people rate them five stars.

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