Reproductive Rights

Arkansas’ Latest Anti-Abortion Laws Include A Mandatory Hotline

“Adopting restriction after restriction has become rote in Arkansas.”

By Jennifer Gerson

How Indigenous Women Repealed New Mexico’s Longstanding Abortion Ban

“This is why we have to get our stories out.”

By Jennifer Gerson

7 Organizations You Can Donate To On The Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade

Abortion access changed dramatically on Jan. 22, 1973.

By Lea Rose Emery

3 Major Reproductive Rights Cases To Watch This Month

The fate of abortion access may depend on them.

By Jennifer Gerson
Election 2020

The Election Won’t Save Your Abortion Rights. This Advocate Is Hopeful Anyway.

“I’ve heard, ‘Roe is going to fall’ my whole life, and it hasn’t been the case yet.”

By Jennifer Gerson
Election 2020

How Abortion Rights Mobilized The Hell Out Of Georgia

“I hate to say that it had to get this bad for people to feel engaged, but maybe it did.”

By Jennifer Gerson

How Medication Abortion Access Has Changed Over 20 Years

And what advocates hope comes next.

By Jennifer Gerson

Kanye West's Planned Parenthood Conspiracy Theory Is *A Lot*

Yes, it involves the Devil.

By Jake Viswanath

A Doctor Explains How Tennessee’s 6-Week Abortion Ban Hurts Patients

By Jennifer Gerson

What You Should Know About SCOTUS’ Major Abortion Rights Decision

By Jo Yurcaba and Melanie Mignucci
In Profile

Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson On Racial Justice & Reproductive Rights

“Sometimes power is defined by ideas. Sometimes it’s defined by people. Most times it’s defined by money.”

By Jennifer Gerson

Here's How Soon You Can Really Have Sex Post-Abortion

By Danielle Campoamor