When Does Julia Enter the 'BB17' House & How Does This Whole Twin Twist Thing Work From Here On Out?

Now that the twins have officially made it to week five in the Big Brother house, it’s time for the two of them to play as their own selves for the rest of the competition. But when exactly is Liz's twin Julia going to enter the house? And how exactly is it going to work once they are both in the house? However it happens, it’s likely to be an anticlimactic entrance now that the houseguests have known about the twist for some time.

The other players have been able to tell the two twins apart for the last three or four weeks, noticing the differences in their eyes, their faces, their personalities, and even their dental work. (Thanks, Johnny Mac!) Also, given that Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, and Austin have been openly playing with Liz and Julia as Liz and Julia, half of the house has already come to terms with the fact that there are two of them. And now that Austin spilled the beans to Jason — who of course spilled the beans to, well, everyone else — the entire house is officially in on the twist. Everyone knows about Julia and that she and her sister are going to play together sometime soon. So, however this Twin Twist is revealed, it’s bound to land with a thud. There's just not much of a surprise left.

There is one surprise though: How the Twist will be revealed in the Big Brother house.

Technically, the rules of the Twin Twist state that the twins have to make it through the fifth week’s eviction before they can both enter the house together. So even though we know that neither Liz or Julia are up for eviction this week, the Twist will likely be revealed on Thursday.

This is how I am guessing it will go down: the BB Takeover music will play — probably after the live eviction — all of the housemates will gather around the television screen, and Julie Chen will announce the Twin Twist. Cue: Julia. I’m guessing that this is when she will enter the Big Brother house as herself for the first time in the game.

Considering that everyone is already in on the Twin Twist this season, I’m hoping a few other surprises are thrown into the reveal just to help shake things up. Like maybe Liz and Julia have to compete as one in the challenges or maybe that they’re both HoH if and when they win it. Whatever the plan is I just hope the creators make it juicy to help mix up this Twin Twist even more.

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