What Your Favorite Full House Ship Says About You

by Kelsie Gibson

If you're reading this post, I think it's safe to say that you know and love the ABC hit, Full House. From the life lessons to the fatherly advice, this family sitcom was a staple for our viewing pleasure in the '90s. Not only do fans love the themes of the show we also love the Full House characters. While each person is interesting and unique in their own way, they are also super relatable. When they laugh, the audience laughs; when they cry, the audience cries; and when they fall in love, the audience falls in love right with them. And with so many people in just one house, you better believe there are twice as many couples on the show.

Over the course of eight seasons, Full House told some great love stories from childhood crushes blossoming into something more to love at first sight turning into a marriage proposal. And since the Tanners are extremely close, over time these significant others became much like family, even if Danny disapproved of some of them at first. Whether your favorite couple is Jesse and Becky or DJ and Steve, your favorite 'ship on the show actually says a lot about you. Let's take a deeper look at these romances, shall we?

Jesse & Becky

You definitely believe the saying "opposites attract." When it comes to looking for a partner, you don't want some who simply complements you, you want someone who challenges you to be a better person.

Michelle & Teddy

You totally believe that the best relationships develop out of friendship. While timing is everything, you want your partner to be your best friend.

Joey & Wendy

You're looking for someone who is just as quirky as you. The right person doesn't have to share all of your interests, but they definitely need to have a great sense of adventure.

D.J. & Viper

You definitely don't judge people without getting to know them. To you, finding a great partner is not based on a person's reputation but who they are on the inside.

Kimmy & Duane

You want your relationships to be just like you, relaxed and easygoing. A great partner in your eyes is someone who just lets you be yourself.

D.J. & Steve

You think young love is epic, so much so that you are probably still dating your high school sweetheart. To you, true love can overcome any obstacle.

Danny & Vicky

You believe that a person can have multiple loves. It doesn't matter if you've been hurt before, because you have hope that you will find love again with someone new.

Of course, your favorite Full House couple doesn't just say a lot about you as a person. It also says a lot about your personal tastes. (Like, for example, I don't know how anyone can have a heart and not support Jesse and Becky above all else, but, hey, that could be me.) At the end of the day, the fact that this show can still make us so passionate about these beloved 'ships years later, enough to be able to read people's character traits based off which couple they love the most, is just a testament to Full House's long-lasting legacy.

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