'Fuller House' Spinoff Needs These 7 Characters

by Kenya Foy

UPDATE: On April 20, John Stamos announced that Fuller House had received a 13 episode order from Netflix. It's actually happening, you guys. There's still no word on whether the entire original cast will get back together for the season premiere, but the series proper will follow DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie after the three women move in together to care for all their children together.

Not only did the group of unsuspecting fans who didn't notice John Stamos at the Full House home miss out on snapping an epic selfie with one of the most well-known TV uncles, but they may have inadvertently passed up the chance to ask him about some old familiar friends who were waiting just around the bend to resume their roles on the popular sitcom. TV Line reports that a Full House spinoff titled Fuller House is coming to Netflix, and even though the news has yet to be confirmed by the representatives at the popular streaming service or the WB, I suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to tease my bangs and change into a neon crop top with some acid-washed blue jean cutoffs ... just in case the rumors are actually true.

Reportedly, the series will feature 13 episodes that will reunite Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber in their roles of besties DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler, and allegedly Stamos, Saget and Coulier guest appearances are also in the works. The rumors of the Fuller version starring Bure and Barber obviously indicate a major (and necessary) shift in perspective, but I can't imagine Fuller House without these 7 characters from the original series:

Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner

Precisely, Stephanie.

The Olsen Twins as Michelle

I know, I know—the Olsen twins are busy opening boutiques in NYC and being otherwise grownup and fabulous, but what's a Full House spinoff without them?

Tahj Mowry as Teddy

Instead of cuddly and adorable tots, Fuller House Teddy and Michelle would probably be more like hipster best buds.

John Stamos as Uncle Jesse

No explanation necessary.

Lori Loughlin as Rebecca Katsopolis

Duh, who else would Jesse serenade?

Bob Saget as Danny Tanner

His encouraging dad moments may seem a bit cheesy, but Fuller House wouldn't feel right without them.

Dave Coulier as Uncle Joey

Fine, I'll accept the Popeye laugh, but don't even think about bringing back that terrifying puppet.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I won't settle for less than the entire Full House cast all getting it together in order to make this Fuller House venture the best that it can be. What can I say? I want it all. Images: ABC; Giphy (5); Nightmaster, JillianLeedy/Tumblr (2)