Did Liz & Austin Kiss on ‘BB17’?

It’s the showmance that everyone is talking about this season of Big Brother. Liz and Austin. Austin and Liz. Lixtin. Ausliz. Why? Because it’s clearly not your normal showmance. Unlike other Big Brother showmances that have turned into a lifetime of love—or at least until the season was over—the relationship between Liz and Austin seems entirely one-sided. So when Shelli mentioned that Liz and Austin kissed in Sunday night’s episode, I just about fell out of my chair. [Update: the Big Brother feeds have revealed the truth: Liz and Austin did kiss, but she didn't seem overly thrilled about it. After the smooch she pulled away jokingly (I think) saying, "I hate you! You're so annoying!"]

Wait. Rewind that tape. They did WHAT? Because this whole time I’ve been operating under the impression that, sure, Austin is super into Liz — like, so into her it’s silly — but that Liz is totally just flirting with Austin to improve her game. So what is this kiss that Shelli is talking about? Did it actually happen? And, if so, was it because Liz is sincerely into Austin or because she had to give him a little somethin’ somethin’ in order to keep stringing him along?

Let’s break this down.

First thing’s first: Did Liz and Austin kiss? Shelli said that they did, but there are only two people who know for sure: Liz and Austin. If Shelli heard it from Austin, I’m going to go out on a very strong limb here and say that they didn’t actually kiss. Austin has been lying his face off in recent days, so I don’t believe a single word that he says. Plus, he’s been losing credibility all over the place with this Liz Love, so there’s no way I would believe him if he said he had kissed her. Chalk it up to lover’s delusion.

But, if Shelli heard about the kiss from Liz, then there might be some validity to it. Liz has no strategic reason for fabricating this supposed kiss. It doesn’t do her any good, especially with the number of Austin’s enemies is growing in the house. If Shelli heard it from Liz, then it may have actually happened.

But, that seems highly unlikely to me. Especially considering that, during their most recent switch, Liz told Julia that Austin had tried to kiss her. How did the twins respond to the exchange of news? They squirmed in their seats and cried out, “EWWWWW!” in unison. Yeah. Not exactly how someone reacts if they actually want to kiss the person who tried to kiss them. And before you get too carried away in game play, I don’t see why Liz would have any reason to lie to Julia about whether or not she’s into Austin in this moment. They’re sisters. And, right now, they’re in this together. I have to assume that Liz’s grossed out reaction to Austin trying to kiss her is totally sincere. In which case, why the heck would Liz actually kiss him? Like I said, it’s not going to help her game, that’s for sure. Especially with everyone starting to Austin’s trustworthiness and with Julia warning Liz that Austin isn’t someone she thinks has their back.

So my take on the whole Liztin kiss? It didn’t happen. Add it to the long list of fibs he’s told since being in the Big Brother house, because it’s just another one of Austin’s lies.

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