Who Should Be Evicted On 'BB17' Before Liz?

As most Big Brother fans know by now, everyone in the house is getting a little hot under the collar about this whole twin twist thing. If you aren’t glued to the live feeds like I am, here's what's been going down: Da’Vonne totally figured out that there is a twin twist this season. After realizing that Liz's face sometimes looks different, Da’Vonne realized what was going on and started telling everyone in the house about the new housemate. Way to keep a secret, Da’Vonne! But, does this mean that Liz is going to be evicted from the Big Brother house?

Sure, the not-so-secret secret reveal makes for good TV: the surprise on everyone’s faces when they hear the news, the plan to vote Liz and Julia out before they can build an alliance, the feeling of resentment and betrayal that each housemate feels... it’s all prime time gold! But, all I can think about is Liz, who I am now terrified is going to be evicted before her time is up just because of this one twist. I mean, who would want to form an alliance with a set of twins? You know you’d always be the third wheel in that group, and they would always evict you before they evicted each other.

So, yeah. I get why the housemates are freaking. But I am still majorly Team Liz (or, maybe I’m actually Team Julia?) and firmly believe there are plenty of other housemates who need to be booted from the series her. Sure, I’m a little biased, but even if you’re not a fan of Liz (or Julia for that matter), you have to admit: What fun would the twin twist be if it never gets to be played out? Talk about anti-climactic.

So for my sake — and for the sake of keeping the twins around for as long as possible — here are some other housemates who should totally be evicted from the house before Liz is. Because these players are either not pulling their weight — or they're pulling way too much of it.

1. Audrey

That girl is a total loose cannon. When she included practically everybody in the house in the original “power alliance,” I was like, “Get rid of that girl, and get rid of her fast.”

2. Clay

This guy. He's too pretty to be trusted, if you ask me.

3. Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne came into the house strong, but I think that might put her at a serious disadvantage. She’s a huge threat, and for that alone she’d be a much better choice for eviction than Liz.

4. Jeff

Both he and Jackie are just kind of ho hum to me. Nothing impresses me about their gameplay, ESPECIALLY after that scene when Audrey walked in on him canoodling with Meg. Is this guy just here to hook up? Whatever the case, he's got to go.

5. Steve

Steve is a not-so-obvious choice, but he's a HUGE threat to everyone in the house. Why would the housemates keep their biggest competition around over Liz?

6. James

OK, hear me out on this one: I know James is everyone’s favorite to win, but isn’t that even more reason why they should vote him out over Liz? Sure, he’s at the heart of everyone’s alliance, but that’s what makes his presence in the house so threatening. GET THAT GUY OUT OF THERE.

Personally, I’d love to see all the alliances scatter to the wind once some of these housemates were gone. Don’t get rid of Liz! Let’s keep her around until the twin twist makes life in the house even more interesting.

Image: CBS (5); Giphy