The More Miley Loves Weed, the More She Hates Pants

So Miley Cyrus showed up to Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Tuesday night to talk about her new video, "We Can't Stop," and her similarities to marijuana-puffing friend Snoop Dogg. (Their mutual love for pot is, according to Cyrus, "why we get along so well, I guess.")

The singer also appeared on the show wearing a bomber jacket, a crop top turtleneck, high-waisted panties, and thigh-high boots, leading us to believe she was confused as to the temperature of the studio and thus dressed for both summer and winter. But I have a theory that there is a method to this booty-ful madness. As Miley becomes more open about her usage of the green, her pants get shorter.

Just look at Cyrus in 2010, back when Cyrus was most well known as an alum of the buttoned-up Disney Channel:

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And look at her in early 2012, after the revelation that Cyrus enjoys toking up. ("You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fucking weed!," Cyrus said on a tape.)

And then after Cyrus recently spoke to Rolling Stone about her penchant and preference for pot, voila! Out came her video for "We Can't Stop," which featured this outfit:

And this one:

This one too:

And her panties weren't short enough so she pulled them down:

So, Cyrus, we get it: You like drugs and you go to parties wearing as little as possible, but hey, it's a video. People don't wear stuff like this out on public, right? Wrong. Because then she wore this:

So I think she's sending a message. Weed and seriously tiny shorts are intimately connected. Because she always wore small shorts, even when she was on Disney Channel, but this whole "underwear count as pants" thing is new — it's post weed-confession Miley, and she's showing her ass for grass. (Future weed reform slogan?) So it should come as no surprise that her shorts/undies were even less present on Kimmel last night, when she blatantly said that she gets as high as Snoop Dogg.

Miley, your teeny-tiny shorts have great power, but also great responsibility. Use them wisely.

Image: ABC