Left Shark Surprises Taylor Swift During Concert & Her Reaction Shows She's Laughing Off That Katy Perry Feud — VIDEO

She who laughs last laughs best — and shows how little she cares about a supposed "feud." Taylor Swift had a visit from what appeared to be Left Shark at a recent concert while performing her hit "Bad Blood." There she was singing and looking utterly adorable and not the least bit intimidating in black leather, as only Swift can do, when Katy Perry's Super Bowl shark appeared like a sneaky little devil over her left shoulder. Was it a surprise? A coincidence? That's highly debatable. One thing that's certain? The shark — and possibly the entire situation Swift has found herself in with the rival pop star — is so silly, the 25-year-old couldn't stop herself from cracking up.

Popular theory has held that "Bad Blood" is about Swift's fight with Perry over a few backup singers the "Roar" singer reportedly stole from her squad. Since then, the two haven't had anything nice to say about each other, and Perry took the opportunity to jump in and give her thoughts on Swift after the "Style" singer's totally-blown-out-of-proportion feud with Nicki Minaj about race, body image, and the 2015 MTV VMA Nominations.

Perhaps with "Bad Blood" in mind, Perry tweeted this message and, without mentioning names, made her point crystal clear:

Swift, who later publicly apologized to Minaj (who then accepted her apology) tweeted two messages that same day: one to wish Selena Gomez a happy birthday and the other to give a shout-out to Gomez's upcoming album. In the days that followed, not a word was uttered from Camp Swift about Perry or her comment. It was the ultimate I'm-shutting-you-down-with-silence power play, if you ask me.

And then, just when you thought Swift wasn't going to go there, this went down at her concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts:

If you blinked, you may have missed the blue shark puppet that Swift turned to see at the exact right moment — just as it appeared and then disappeared. Perhaps she knew to expect it or maybe her loyal dancers placed it there to poke fun at their feud. Either way, Swift's laughter and lightness lead me to believe she's over it. Everyone involved had to have known it would appear on social media and get back to Perry because, how could it not?

In case you're concerned Perry saw it and is in the process of flipping out, well, she's not. She was a little busy this weekend posing with former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush after performing at the annual Starkey Hearing Foundation's So The World May Hear Gala in Minnesota, according to Entertainment Weekly.

At this point it's unclear if the "Dark Horse" singer will respond at all. With Perry hobnobbing with D.C. royalty and Swift touring from now until October, they probably don't have that much time for a feud. This could really be the end. Or, months from now, Perry could pop back up with another pointed tweet. Regardless of what goes down, at least we got an amazing shark puppet video out of it.