Is Tanner Working With Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Detective Is Shady As Ever

You might be thinking that Toby's a total ringer for Charles at this point, or that you knew it was Wren from day one. Heck, maybe you subscribe to the multiple-A theories, or suspect that Mona's back in on the team. But one thing, above all, remains clear: It's anyone's (A) game at this point on Pretty Little Liars. On any other teen show, a mostly-rational, mostly-measured professional adult would seem beyond repute, but as we all know, that's not the case in Rosewood. That's why I'm starting to think that Tanner is working for Charles DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty much all of the cops on PLL have proven themselves to be corrupt, but Tanner has a few things going for her that the others don't, which may or may not mean anything. First off, she's the only female cop we've met, which is odd on such a female-driven show. Second, she's more mature than the others. Finally, she isn't from Rosewood. Even though she stands out from the other PLL cops in those ways, she's proven herself to be just as suspicious during her tenure on A's case. Her dealings with the Liars have always come off as somewhat belligerent, and it's been tough to tell if she's "good" or "bad." Basically, her agenda (if she has one, that is) has never been clear. So is Tanner just a detective, determined to do her job right? Or is she embroiled in Rosewood's dark underbelly? Let's review.

She's Tough On The Liars

Since her introduction back in Season 4, Tanner's always been suspicious of the Liars, which makes sense, if you think about it. What other high school-age girls do you know that have been involved in countless murders? That said, her constant air of suspicion (mixed in with the occasional smidgen of contempt) has never exactly made her seem innocent.

She's Protective Of Holbrook

When Toby tried to tell Tanner that Holbrook helped Ali cheat the polygraph test, she basically blew a fuse. By itself, that is reasonable. After all, Toby didn't exactly have proof, and he didn't follow protocol. But there's also the fact that she specifically mentions after Wilden's funeral that she was the one who hired Holbrook — could they be working on something together? After all, Holbrook's a prime Varjak candidate, and Tanner would make a perfect accomplice and/or mastermind.

She "Knows Everything"

Speaking of Holbrook, remember that time Hanna hit him with a tire iron? Well, earlier in that satisfying confrontation, he told her "Tanner knows everything." Now, was it just a garden-variety exaggeration? Or a sly reference to A's omnipotence?

She Has a Sweet Tooth

PLL super fans all know that A has a marked preference for candies — so it was a bit of a red flag when Tanner took a butterscotch from Mrs. Marin, and it became even more of a red flag in a later episode, where A was shown taking a bag of butterscotches from Holbrook's desk. It's definitely worth a thought, especially since it's another potential link to Holbrook.

Who Started The Whole Andrew Cover-Up Anyway?

Ever since Toby uttered the fateful words, "It's Andrew, babe," we've been operating off the theory that A somehow implicated Andrew by planting the diary, but what if it was actually someone on the inside? The emergence of Andrew as the prime (not to mention, only) suspect in the Liars' kidnapping happened just a little too fast to seem legit.

The evidence isn't exactly bulletproof, and it definitely wouldn't go over well in a court of law, but is it enough to make you suspicious? I'm inclined to like Detective Tanner, but I'll definitely be on the lookout for any strange behavior in her upcoming episode, "FrAmed." For more PLL theories check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

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