Everyone Is A Charles Suspect On 'Pretty Little Liars' & Here's A Chart To Help Us Sort Them All Out

If you think about it, revealing Charles as Big A without revealing who Charles actually is, Pretty Little Liars has given us a gift. If we'd learned the whole truth, what would we do with all these theory muscles that we've flexed non-stop for five seasons? Face it: Pretty Little Liars fans need uncertainty, endless clues, and endless possibilities. That's the great thing about this ever-changing mystery series: Literally anything can happen. Which means any harebrained theory you can think up has a shot at being right — even when you think all the evidence is stacked against you. But because all anyone can think about right now is getting under that infernal red and white mask, it's probably worth mapping out the most prevalent Charles suspects.

Now before anyone gets mad at me for including, well, anyone I included on this chart, let's keep in mind the fact that Pretty Little Liars' writer Maya Goldsmith just told Bustle that we absolutely cannot rule out anyone as a Charles suspect. That means your "crazy" theory just might be the theory. And the more complicated the suspect makes the Rosewood web, the better the twist will be (hence the presence of folks like Wren, Toby, and Caleb on the chart below — and remember, Charles isn't necessarily Mr. Hastings' offspring like Jason, so anything is possible).

Caveat: This is just one woman's perspective, so you know, come at me, Tumblr.

Character Guide

From left to right, Row 1: Detective Tanner, Jason DiLaurentis, Wren Kingston. Row 2: Noel Kahn, Lucas Gottesman, Andrew Campbell, Toby Cavanaugh. Row 3: Ezra Fitz, Charlemagne the Mime, Detective Holden, Wesley Fitzgerald. Row 4: Allison DiLaurentis, Caleb Rivers, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings.

Image: Eric McCandless (9), Screengrab (9)/ABC Family; Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle