This Is Going To Blow Your 'O.C.'-Loving Mind

If you're seeking out familial perfection, look no further than Seth and Sandy Cohen. The O.C.'s nerdiest heartthrob and its unfathomably wise DILF (hey, there's something about those eyebrows) were more than enough reason to tune into the Fox gem every week, and adopted brother/son Ryan was definitely the cherry on top of a perfect family. But, considering that Seth and Sandy have, you know, an actual biological bond, you have to wonder, what do The O.C.'s Cohen men have in common?

Actually, more than you would think! Both of the Cohens have a rebellious streak that led them to, at certain points of their lives, essentially run away from home. They both have a sacred love of bagels, and, according to Sandy (and my own two eyes) are "very sexual beings." But, of course, "like father, like son" can only apply so much to the duo. While Sandy pushed and pushed for Seth to go to Berkley, Seth dreamed of school on the East Coast. And, while Sandy was defined by his desire to help the downtrodden, Seth, bless his heart, was usually the downtrodden that needed help.

Overall, the two could at least agree that Newport Beach was a hellhole full of preppy snobs. But, to break it down further, here are the official stats of what the Cohens have in common.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle