Make An Appointment With 'The Real Housewives of New York' Psychic Sema Bal & Join Those Impressed By Her Readings

Normally the words "reality show psychic" bring to mind one of two things: Either Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, or a disastrous Real Housewives dinner party (there are plenty to choose from). But the New York Real Housewives busted that stereotype wide open in a recent episode, and their trip went so well that now fans are wondering how to make an appointment to meet with the RHONY psychic. And, since she seems like the real deal, it's pretty easy to do so. Turns out, if you look for " RHONY Turkish coffee psychic," Sema Bal, also known as Viktoria Ballavoski appears right away. Her Wordpress site is basic, but has all of the information necessary to book an appointment to get a reading from Sema.

But, you may wind up waiting a while, because after that episode of Real Housewives, she is blowing up. She even wrote a blog post thanking the show for the burst in popularity, and to warn people that making an appointment might take a while. Still, if you want to, you can call or email her in order to set up a time to meet. But, beware: Her site's calendar lists the first available one-on-one reading for April 26, 2016. So, yeah, there's a wait.

If you do wind up getting a reading from Sema, she wants you to understand one thing: Her predictions are for "entertainment purposes only." Seems wise — she wouldn't want to be blamed for saying something less than accurate. Plus, most of her messages to the RHONY were pretty positive, so maybe she tries specifically to give generous readings.

If you don't live in the New York City area (or are too snobby to venture into Queens), she has a mobile platform available on Google Play that gives you several apps that help you become a Turkish coffee reading expert of your own. Or you can order a reading via email. Sema doesn't do Skype!

Sema Bal on YouTube

Sema has also written an ebook, under the name Viktoria Ballavoski, called Lilith's Awakening . It's about a psychic investigating a murder that could have supernatural consequences. So, if you really can't manage to get an appointment, at least you can get a look into what makes a Turkish coffee reader tick.

If you're looking for a Real Housewives psychic, Sema seems like your best bet. She won't ruin your dinner party by mentioning that she knows when your guests are going to die, or screaming at them for being bad people. (All of which has happened at Real Housewives psychic dinner parties.) She also has a service straightforward enough that anyone can understand it, even the medium-newbies like Vicki Gunvalson. All in all, I'd say Sema Bal is probably the best psychic to ever appear on a Real Housewives franchise — and now, she has the many fans to prove it. So, if you're curious what your coffee cup has to say, make an appointment now, before she gets even more popular!

Image: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo