Is 'Ant-Man' Too Big For Netflix?

In a surprise to absolutely no one, a Marvel movie is swiftly becoming one of the biggest success stories of the summer. Yet if you told people a few years back that that movie would be Ant-Man, they'd probably think that you were out of your mind. The tale of a down-on-his-luck criminal recruited to become a superhero, though, has resonated hard with fans, thanks to a witty, entertaining script and a swoon-worthy performance from Paul Rudd. One thing that it's lacking, though? The ability to be streamed online. When will Ant-Man come to Netflix? Sure, it's still in theaters, but it's never too soon for a beloved Marvel hero to be watched on repeat online.

Sadly, it'll likely be a long time before Ant-Man arrives on the website. At the moment, only Marvel TV shows, not movies, are available to watch on Netflix. Disappointing, right? It might change soon, though; in 2012, Netflix signed a massive deal with Disney (which is responsible for Marvel Studios) that will allow the streaming service to have exclusive access to Disney properties once they've been released for sale and rental — meaning, in other words, that your favorite movies from the studio will be available first in theaters, then on DVD, and then on Netflix. The deal doesn't kick in until 2016, which explains why you haven't been able to watch Thor or Iron Man 2 on the site. But once it does, they should all be available — including Ant-Man.

Assuming the movie comes out on DVD in October (about three months after its theater release), it'll probably be, based on Netflix's patterns, about a year until it's put on the site. The Disney deal would've taken hold by then, most likely, so expect to see Ant-Man on Netflix in fall/winter 2016. That's not too long a wait, right?

Well, for the Marvel-obsessed, it is. While you wait for Ant-Man to start streaming, here are eight Netflix-available movies and shows starring the film's cast that should help ease the wait.

1. Clueless Starring Paul Rudd

Clueless is a beloved classic of teen girls and former teen girls everywhere, thanks in large part to Rudd's role as Josh, the sweet, smart ex-stepbrother of Alicia Silverstone's Cher. Is it possible to watch this movie without falling in love with him?

2. Lost Starring Evangeline Lily

Whether you watched the series religiously when it was on or are just discovering it now (I'm so excited for you!), the Lily-starring Lost is an absolute must-see, polar bears and all.

3. Fatal Attraction Starring Michael Douglas

Want to see Douglas be absolutely nothing like his Ant-Man character? Watch Fatal Attraction — but maybe not in public.

4. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp Starring Paul Rudd

The world's strangest/most sexually frustrated camp counselors are back and better than ever, thanks to a new prequel series released on Netflix Jul. 31. Rudd reprises his role as Andy, a terrible, cheating boyfriend, and it's pure perfection for the second time around.

5. House of Cards Starring Corey Stoll

Ah, Pete Russo. Stoll is scene-stealing as the Congressman blackmailed into serving Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). No spoilers — just watch the show.

6. Cesar Chavez Starring Michael Pena

The 2013 biopic flew under the radar, but Pena gives a performance performance as the famed labor leader.

7. Chef Starring Bobby Cannavale

Cannavale doesn't have a big role in Chef, but take any excuse you can get to watch this fantastic little movie about fathers, sons, and delicious, delicious food.

8. Friends Starring Paul Rudd

There is no such thing as too much Paul Rudd or too many episodes of Friends. Thankfully, this is the perfect combination — the actor played Mike in the series' last few seasons. Give Friends a re-watch and remember how good he was in the role of Phoebe's future husband.

They may not be Ant-Man, but they'll help pass the time until the Marvel movie comes to Netflix. Plus, they'll just give you more time to stare at Paul Rudd, and who's going to say no to that?

Image: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (5)