Paul Rudd In ‘Ant-Man’ & 13 Other Formerly Small Stars Who Took On Huge Roles

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Now matter how big he gets as Marvel's size-shifting superhero Ant-Man, to many of us, Paul Rudd will always be the guy from David Wain's comedy arsenal... or Judd Apatow's comedy arsenal... or Clueless' comedy arsenal... in short, he's made his mark. But Ant-Man gives Rudd one of the few territories he has yet to conquer: tentpole blockbuster filmmaking. So will this immersive world be the one to take hold of the lovable actor from here on out?

The transition has happened before: Some comedy- or indie-oriented thespians take on one big movie to pay the bills, and then never return to the kind of work they were loved for. Of course, it doesn't always turn out that way, which hopefully will be the case for Rudd. Let's look back at a few past small fare actors-turned-tentpole stars, and what that first giant role ended up doing to their careers.

Image: Disney/Marvel

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