Why Isn't Ted Cruz On 'The Daily Show'?

I've got to say, I was so excited for Monday's The Daily Show, but now I'm feeling severely let down. One of the (many) controversial Republican presidential candidates was slated to appear with Jon Stewart. But now, according to a Daily Show press contact who refused to identify himself, Ted Cruz will no longer appear on the show on Monday night. Well color me devastated, because I was really looking forward to that. Why, Cruz, why? Why aren't you doing what you promised?

If you ask me, this says a lot about Cruz. Let's be honest: He likely saw how Stewart has been completely skewering Donald Trump recently, and he didn't feel like setting himself up for the same treatment. Cruz has repeatedly backed Trump despite his several — OK, many — idiotic statements on basically everything that's happening in the United States. Or maybe, just maybe, this says a little something about why Cruz would never be a great president (or a president at all). Apparently, he promises to be somewhere or to do something, and then just decides, "Nah, I'd rather not." Or maybe Stewart took one look at all the stupid stuff Cruz has said and done, and figured that Cruz could make a fool of himself without his expert help.

I'm not impressed, Cruz. The Daily Show representative contacted by Bustle confirmed that Cruz was scheduled to be on the show Monday, July 27, but now is no longer slated to appear. The rep says that he "has no idea" why Cruz is not on anymore, and could not provide any more information. But a post on The Daily Show's official Facebook said the cancellation was "due to official Senate business."


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