Jon Snow Is Alive In 'Hunger Games' & 'GoT' Mashup

by Tracy Dye

In case you're still reeling over whether or not Jon Snow is really dead on Game of Thrones, you can now grant yourself a reprieve from those woes by watching an epic mashup of GoT and The Hunger Games. A YouTube user with some truly on fleek editing skills posted a video on Monday, July 27, which shows tribute Katniss Everdeen preparing to face off with Jon, proving that President Snow isn't the only Snow that leaves her vexed. With deft splicing of scenes both from the hit movie franchise and HBO series, the faux trailer is one that will make you wish this was an actual feature you could buy a ticket to. Also, despite the video being titled "Jon Snow Must Die," our beloved Jon doesn't actually suffer any perilous fate throughout the video — which is always a good thing.

If a beautiful cinematic world existed where Jon and Katniss were ever to cross paths, I would picture them more as allies than enemies. After all, both fight for the greater good and know their way around some weaponry. Obviously, Katniss reigns supreme when it comes to being a star tribute, but Jon definitely has the gumption to rival her skills. Being that my humble opinion is that Jon is not dead at all on GoT (he's not, OK?!), there is plenty of time for him to gain some tribute acumen.

Do you doubt me? Let's take a look at the evidence.

1. He Knows His Way Around A Sword

No tribute should be without some kind of weapon — the games get pretty cray.

2. He's Experienced His Fair Share Of Battles

This guy wouldn't even need any training.

3. A Jon & Katniss Romance Would Be The Ultimate Fanfic Fodder

I would totally ship these two.

4. He Knows How To Go Without Luxuries

They don't have wifi on the battlefield.

5. He's Used To Harsh Conditions

"Winter is coming," but that's NBD as far as Jon is concerned — he's used to these kinds of things.

6. Even If He Died, He Could Be Resurrected

This is both a reason that Jon would make a good tribute, and also why we need to all chillax about the whole GoT "death" thing. He's not going anywhere, people.

7. It's Jon FREAKIN' Snow

What other reason do you need? I would be willing to watch Jon and his cascading locks all day, everyday.

Let's hope for many more Snow-laden mashups to appear in the near future as a way to carry us all over until the next season of GoT, which — by the way — Jon will totally appear in.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (7)