11 'Game of Thrones' Theory Vids You Have To See

It's no secret (Targaryen) that Game of Thrones fans have elaborate theories about what's going to happen next either on the HBO series or in George R. R. Martin's novels. With so much detailed material out there, anything can be a clue to the next prophecy, resurrection, or OTP. Thanks to the internet, a lot of these Game of Thrones fan theories can be neatly explained with helpful pictures and pulled A Song Of Ice And Fire quotes in Youtube videos.

It's definitely a fun way to pass the time, get your friends hooked on a particular theory, or just get those fandom cogs a'turning. The theories range from plausible to hilarious, as well they should. One of my favorite theory videos, which isn't necessarily relevant to the series anymore, is titled Roose Change: The Lannister Honeypot. First of all, yes that is a pun on the series of September 11 conspiracy theory documentaries. Second of all, it's a brilliant exposé theorizing that Robb Stark's wife was a spy back in Season 2 and Season 3. Make sure you turn the annotations on for maximum entertainment.

If you're having major Westeros withdrawal waiting for Season 6, here are some videos that you've simply got to see.

1. R+L=J

Let's start with the most popular, and most likely to be spot-on.

2. Tyrion Is A Secret Targaryen

If the "plot" of Game of Thrones ended up being the story of three lost Targaryen relatives who found one another and saved the realm from inner turmoil, I would actually kind of love it. However, it relies on not only Jon Snow having secret parentage, but also Tyrion Lannister.

3. Is "Young Griff" Really Aegon Targaryen?

This theory is almost a half hour long, so maybe best to leave for your lunch break. However, if you're a fan of Anastasia stories, it is a must see. In case there weren't enough Secret Targaryens for you, here's an excellent round up of the many candidates. Young Griff is a character that Tyrion encounters in the book who claims to be Aegon Targaryen.

My personal theory is that the Game of Thrones series has decided to omit Young Griff and substitute Jon Snow's Targaryen destiny in its place, meaning that Snow's true name could be Aegon. It's a bit of a stretch, but you can see how it was maybe hinted at in one of Bustle's own Jon Snow theory videos.

4. What's the Deal With Daario?

There's another fan theory out there that Daario is the lost Benjen Stark, but this theory is just as, if not more, plausible.

5. How Was Valyria Destroyed?

We finally got a look at the ruins of Valyria in Game of Thrones Season 5, and this video theorizes many ways that the "Doom" happened.

6. Who Is Azor Azai?

This is a major prophecy in the books that the show hasn't been explicit about, though they've dropped hints and clues left and right.

7. The Dornish Master Plan

Not only does this help explain why Game of Thrones on HBO seemed to speed through two books (they take place simultaneously and one of them doesn't feature many main characters at all), it goes deep into Dorne. If you were disappointed with the way Dorne was handled in Season 5, this video is for you. This theory is a two-parter, and proposes a theory that the Martells have been behind a lot of the Game of Thrones action all along.

8. Back to Basics

Hey... we never did figure out who sent that dagger to kill Bran in Season 1, did we?

9. This Jorah Theory

This heavily animated theory concludes that Jorah Mormont is the "savior" Azor Azai. What?

10. What Is Littlefinger's Endgame?

This is one of the biggest questions in the series, which the last season of Game of Thrones heightened and then ignored when Baelish returned to Cersei.

11. The Best Gendry Theory Ever

Let's end with maybe the most optimistic fan theory I've ever read. This Mother and Son pair make a lot of Game of Thrones videos, and aren't they adorable? Think of the implications of that — it would make Gendry the only legitimate child of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon. He would then be "free" to marry Arya. Wouldn't it be delightfully ironic if kickass tomboy Arya Stark ended up Queen? I'd vote for them! Even if the Baratheons don't keep the Throne, Gendry is a great opportunity for the House to turn over a new leaf.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO