The Spice Girls' "Holler" Music Video Left Me With These 13 Questions

Whenever I listen to the Spice Girls song “Holler”, two things come to mind: 1) The sparkly leashes from The Return of the Spice Girls reunion tour, and 2) that Jiffy Pop pyramid in the "Holler" music video. And the fire pool. And the snake. And the wind tunnel. And the water cage. And the four robo-chairs that appear out of thin air. OK, you caught me: I think about everything that happens in the "Holler" music video. What can I say? It is a trip that I'm always happy to go on.

“Holler” was one of the three singles off of 2000’s Forever, the Spice Girls’ first and only album as a quartet, and the music video for the Darkchild-produced track is very early aughts: Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, and Emma Bunton dance around in a “futuristic” pyramid that may or may not be lined with Jiffy Pop bags (or maybe it's Pop Tart wrappers? Hard to say). They also hang out in individual rooms that represent the four elements. They join forces to destroy a rain cloud. And then, the video ends.

I wish I could say I know what the "Holler" music video means, but I can't. Do you know what I can do? Ask questions. Oh, you bet I have some questions for the "Holler" music video. These questions burn as brightly today as they did 15 years ago:

What is going on here?

One second, it appears to be a metallic pyramid, the next, it looks like it's made out of fire. And then, it looks like a glass pyramid. And then, it explodes to reveal what looks like a square eyeball. What's this pyramid's deal?

Are those rabbit feet dangling off of Posh Spice's belt?

Followup question: Is that even a belt?

How did Mel B. get to this platform?

Maybe that lava isn't as hot as it looks. Maybe that lava is totally swimmable.

Which defies gravity harder: Mel C.'s hair or Mel C?

Eh, it's a tossup.

What are those things in that basket?

My guess: Easter eggs.

Is this what it would be like to live inside a DustBuster?

If so, that moth I vacuumed up last night must be having a great time!

Did fish put Baby Spice in a human tank?

It's like the sea life version of Planet of the Apes.

Is there a leak in the human tank?

I hope the fish were considerate enough to patch the leak up!

Is this a water ghost?


Are these chairs Transformers?

I see you, Optimus Prime!

Where'd this snake come from?

If the

Is that a miniature Jiffy Pop pyramid?

Are there miniature Spice Girls in that miniature Jiffy Pop pyramid? AUGH I WANT TO SEE!

Why point the Jiffy Pop pyramid laser at those storm clouds?

I don't know why the Spice Girls feel that it's necessary to blow up the cloud. The land around the Jiffy Pop pyramid looks VERY dry. A rainstorm couldn't hurt.

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