8 Times Wren Was Shady AF On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Here's the thing. We're only one episode away from what will supposedly be a huge, epic A reveal on Pretty Little Liars. The series promised to answer all of our questions this summer, during the aptly titled Summer of Answers, and I want to hold them to it. With every passing episode, I start to believe more and more that one of those answers will reveal Wren is Charles DiLaurentis in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale, even though Doctor Kingston himself has yet to appear. That's right, we haven't even seen Wren once in Season 6. So why is still right at the top of so many fans' lists of A suspects?

You can probably blame DrunkGate for that, the Reddit thread that claimed to "spoil" the big PLL reveal at the end of the season. While I. Marlene King and ABC Family both made statements saying that the spoilers were false and the person who wrote them was not a former employee, I can't get the idea of Wren being Big A out of my head. Even though he hasn't stepped foot in Rosewood — that we know of — this season, that doesn't mean we can't look back at all of his past insanely creepy moments on Pretty Little Liars for proof. The video below explains just how Wren can be Charles, and as you'll see below, he's had his fair share of sketchy moments over the course of his PLL tenure.

The Fist Time We Met Wren, He Already Had Secrets

Who remembers that in the pilot, Wren's a secret smoker? He mentions that Melissa doesn't need to know everything, so already this guy is keeping stuff from his fiancée. Is this a clue that he's keeping more?

When Wren Broke Into The Hastings House With A Plant For Spencer

He "drunkenly" broke into the Hastings' house with a plant, for Spencer, saying it's a gift to make up for being so foolish earlier. It's a nice gesture, but did he really need to break in? Did he really need to bring Spencer this odd bush? Is that he was really doing there?

"I Bet Even A Lie Would Sound Good In That Accent"

While I'm usually not on Team Jenna, this one is a different story. Toby falls while on the job due to some A interference and is rushed to the hospital, where Wren is his doctor. Spencer is pleased to see Wren, and Toby immediately senses that there's some sort of history between the two of them. Wren tries to smooth things over with Toby, but here he just comes off as ridiculously creepy. It's then Jenna who points out Wren's suspiciousness, as she acknowledges that he could literally say anything, and he'd sound great.

Mona Calls Out Dr. Kingston

While working with Mona in Radley, Wren couldn't spell the word diagnosis, and Mona called him out on it, thus fueling the theory that Wren isn't even a real doctor.

The Face Wren Makes After Hanna Kisses Him

Mona runs the risk of being sent to another hospital for treatment, and Wren looks into it for Hanna. When he comes to tell Hanna the good news — that Mona's not going away — she is so caught up in the moment that she kisses him. His face is priceless. It's like he's immediately smitten with Hanna, which is a whole other layer of super-creepy, and he begins pursuing her pretty intensely. This is all after he essentially begs Spencer to date him, so it seems like Wren has a tendency to become obsessed with underage girls.

When Wren Then Decides To Stalk Hanna

His obsession with Hanna is then taken to a new level, when he literally stalks her, staring angrily as she kisses Caleb after they've gotten back together. We still don't know why he did this, and it's one of his last scenes in Season 4 before disappearing. We haven't seen him since this episode, "The Mirror Has Three Faces."

Wren Squares Off With Eddie

Eddie Lamb knows a lot, and one thing he knows is that he does not like Wren. As he later tells Spencer, Wren began working at Radley "for all the wrong reasons," but never clearly states what they are. Something is clearly off about Wren's medical career. How can he just transfer between all these Hospitals in the span of two years? What's the "problem" Wren speaks of? They have even more loaded conversations in the clips below.

Wren Tries To Warn Mrs. Hastings About Mona

Breaking his doctor-patient confidentiality agreement, Wren shows up to "warn" Mrs. Hastings about Mona. It's an odd scene, since Wren is clearly just trying to rile her up. Mrs. Hastings is having none of it, and reminds Wren of all the trouble he's caused in her family.

This may be the last time we saw Wren, but I have a feeling he'll appear again on Pretty Little Liars very soon. In the meantime, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave to get your theory fix.

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