How Far Into The Future Could 'PLL' Take Fans?

by Rachel Paige

I know we haven't even reached the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 yet, but that's not going to stop me from looking to the future. After Tuesday night's "FrAmed," there will only be one more episode before the Summer of Answers comes to an end with "Game Over, Charles." The show will then take a short hiatus, pick up with Season 6B in 2016, and eventually return for an already confirmed Season 7. I know. It's really far away. So let's look even further ahead and collectively wonder, is there any way Pretty Little Liars could return for Season 8?

As of right now, there aren't official plans for a Season 8. In June 2014, The Hollywood Reporter announced that PLL was simultaneously renewed for Seasons 6 and 7, which is how fans know that we still have at least another year with the Liars. Maybe even longer than a year, since the show usually splits its seasons in half and air them months apart. Of course, that's still not enough for me.

In an interview with TV Line before the two-season renewal, showrunner I. Marlene King said that she'll be ready to end the series eventually, just not right now. "We want to go out with the show maintaining its integrity and staying smart, and so far, we feel we’re still accomplishing that goal," she said. "When it feels like we’re not doing that anymore, that’s when I think it’ll be time to pull the plug." In a more recent feature from June 2015, BuzzFeed reported that ABC Family would not confirm whether PLL will end after Season 7, though many of those involved with the show discussed it with a sense of finality. The website also reported that the show's writers "did not entirely dismiss the idea of passing the torch to a new set of characters." So if we are given an eighth season of Pretty Little Liars, it may look very different.

Seeing as how PLL continues to pull in the biggest ratings for ABC Family and routinely break Twitter records, it would make sense for the show to continue on even past this next season and a half in some capacity. I just hope that if it does, the four Liars we've grown to love stick around. There's still so much left to cover in their lives. Don't you want to see what happens after all this Rosewood drama? Below are some PLL plotlines we could see if the series brings the core four back for Season 8, and for more on the Liars, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

A PLL Wedding

I like to believe that Hanna and Caleb will be the first to tie the knot, and something makes me think that they will already be married in Season 6B. There are still a few other liars, though, and they should have the chance to walk down the aisle as well. Don't you want to see Spencer micromanaging every detail as she tries to plan a wedding? Or even a marriage between a smaller 'ship, like Mona and Mike. That would certainly throw the Liars, and fans, for a loop.

A Very Little Liar

The Liars will all be in their early twenties after the mid-Season 6 time jump, and by the time a hypothetical Season 8 rolls around, many may have been in serious relationships for a very long time. I'd love to see one of the Liars decide to have children, and how they deal with parenthood knowing all the pain and suffering that they had to endure growing up.

Someone Gets A Book Published

There's always been a lot of talk on PLL about books. Whether it was Aria and Ezra reading a book, or Ezra's "true crime novel," books come up a lot. Spencer has done her fair share of reading. The girls often head to The Brew to read a book and chill out. With the crazy A story presumably behind them in the future, someone has to write a tell-all book about their experiences.

Or, maybe it's not even a book about their years with A. I can see Aria writing a novel that though fictional, is based on true events. Season 6B did just cast an editorial assistant from Boston, according to TV Line, so this could even happen before Season 8.

Another Holiday Episode

There won't be a holiday episode in Season 6. That means no Halloween costumes, no Christmas gala. Why, PLL? Why?! If the show ends at Season 7, that means we only have one more chance for a holiday special coming up, which is obviously not enough. The promise of more holiday episodes alone should be enough to keep Pretty Little Liars on our TVs for years to come.

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