8 Reasons Why Christmas at 'Harry Potter's Hogwarts is the Best

No matter where you live, there are certain places you wish you were around the holidays: New York City, gazing into the window display at Tiffany's, or maybe London, taking the tube to a holiday party. But it's hard to dispute that the most magical (heh) place you could ever hope to be at Christmas, is Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. With the corridors decorated in festive lights and wreaths, and plenty of snow covering the extensive grounds, it's no surprise the holiday scenes in many of the Harry Potter flicks were are favorite to watch. To celebrate this glorious place, let's take a look at the top 8 reasons Christmas at Hogwarts is hands down the best.

1. Butterbeer

Sure, like egg nog, you can drink it all year round, but there's something special about sipping on a piping hot mug of the nonalchoholic beverage when there's a fireplace fire blazing near by.

2. The Yule Ball

Who wouldn't want to wear a ball gown and dance around the halls of an ancient Castle at Christmas? The Yule Ball, a formal dance held on the evening of the Yule (winter solstice celebration) is held to coincide with the Triwizard Tournament.

3. Weasley Christmas Sweaters

As Ron Weasley says, "Mum sends us a jumper every Christmas. And mine's always maroon." It also has a giant "R" embroidered on the front. During Harry's first Christmas at Hogwarts, Ron's mother began including a sweater for Harry as well. One year, Ron gave his jumper to Dobby the house elf, which overjoyed him greatly.

4. The Great Hall

At Christmastime, the Great Hall is lit with candles filling the ceilings, 12 giant trees are lit and ornamented, festoons of holly and mistletoe for snogging (I just wanted to say "snogging") accent the room.

5. Hogwarts is an empty castle

For those students who decide to stay at the castle during the two week break, there are no classes, hardly any students, and the giant fortress is open and able to be explored! While I wouldn't necessarily want to have a run in with Moaning Murtle, I can imagine countless nights fingering through the ancient books in the library, playing tricks on Mrs. Norris and playing cards with Nearly Headless Nick.

6. Terrible (but now laughable) presents from the Dursleys

Over the course of his stay with the Dursleys, Harry has received some very insulting yet comical gifts from his muggle relatives. These presents include: a toothpick, a single tissue and a box of dog biscuits.

7. Awesome presents from Harry's friends at Hogwarts

Hagrid gave Harry a wooden flute he carved himself, Kreacher the house elf gave him a bag of maggots (yum!), Dobby painted him a portrait of himself, and everyone gets more boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans than you could ever consume.

8. Caroling

You know who makes the best carolers? Ghosts, for sure. And at Hogwarts, there's always a few dozen of them hanging around to spread the holiday cheer. A favorite carol, "Christmas at Hogwarts," goes something like this:

Find a broomstick in your stockingSinging you the magic of this placeJoin the owls joyous flockingOn this merry Christmas Day

9. Snow!

Unlike the Warner Bro. studio where many holiday flicks are filmed, at Hogwarts there is real snow, always! So building snowmen, having snowball fights and building snow forts are always an option during free period.

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