Kaitlyn Is Already Shopping For Wedding Dresses

After an emotional, tumultuous season, The Bachelorette is over and Kaitlyn Bristowe is engaged to Shawn Booth. Now that the couple is finally able to be public with their relationship, they're already flaunting it all over the press circuit. (I mean, it's in their contracts, so it's less flaunting and more "showing up like they said they would," but still.) So, Kaitlyn and Shawn stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about their new life as a couple, and surprise, surprise, it was adorbs. Kaitlyn even went wedding dress shopping with Jimmy Kimmel.

And, by that, I mean Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo got drunk at a bridal shop and made funny critiques of Kaitlyn's various dresses. Oh, and then they tried on some bridesmaids dresses so they can join in on the fun of Kaitlyn's (hopefully televised) ceremony. Will Kaitlyn pick any of the dresses she saw? Will Jimmy Kimmel be the best bridesmaid ever? Probably not, as Kaitlyn said she didn't want her bridesmaids looking better than her which is clearly a danger is Kimmel is around. (He can rock a dress.)

After a season of heavyness and ridicule, it was nice to see Kaitlyn having fun and messing around again.

I hope that she and Shawn actually do end up getting married, whether Kimmel is there or not, because she deserves some lightness and happiness after the past few months. Also, because she's gonna make for a badass bride.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC