Twitter Still Divided On Sandra Bland's Mugshot

Since Sandra Bland's death on July 13, it seems like more questions are being asked than answered. There are doubts about her alleged suicide, her mugshot, and whether or not her arrest was justified in the first place. But particularly with her mugshot, many Twitter users have suggested that the photo, a grainy with questionable lighting issues, may have been staged after her death. Even after forensic experts have discredited the conspiracy theory, reactions to Sandra Bland's mugshot have been strong and varied as people still search for answers for her death.

Bland's mugshot shows her in an orange prison uniform against a dark background, which some say matches the floor of the jail. Skeptics wonder if this dark background, bad lighting, and grainy quality could mean that the photo was actually taken after her death, while Bland's body was lying on the floor. However, Dr. Michael Baden, the medical examiner who conducted a family-requested autopsy of Michael Brown, the young black man killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, told The Daily Beast that these conspiracy theories are "ridiculous."

A similar story from New York Magazine criticized Buzzfeed for popularizing the conspiracy theory without providing any proof it was valid. But valid or not, the conspiracy has gotten the mass attention of the Internet, and it has produced a wide range of reactions.

Some Continue To Believe The Conspiracy

Some Have Other Questions

Some Would Rather Focus Elsewhere

No matter what side of the conspiracy you fall, the fact remains that no one is satisfied that this is how Bland's narrative ends. Whether it's an grand jury indictment for the arresting officer Brian Encinia or an independent autopsy into the 28-year-old's cause of death, the mob will not rest until there are real answers.

Image: Waller County Sheriff’s Department