1 'PLL' Episode Contains So Many Wren-Is-A Clues

by Keertana Sastry

At this point on Pretty Little Liars, I'm not so worried about who A is anymore, because I have my answer. I firmly believe that Wren is Charles DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars and I can't really see anyone else being unmasked in the Season 6 summer finale. I know that Wren has been MIA on the series since Season 4, and I know that he's supposedly in London living with Melissa, but I don't care. For me, Charles, Big A, and Wren are one and the same, and the series is filled with details that support this theory. In fact, the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 episode, "The Mirror Has Three Faces" has so many Wren clues, it wouldn't make sense for Charles to be anyone else.

However, just because I'm currently not willing to entertain the idea in my brain that anyone else could be Charles/A (and also possibly Freddy I guess?), that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the many strange, wonderful theories out there. But after re-watching a few key episodes, it's just so hard to ignore the signs. Watch the video below to see how well Wren fits the Charles mystery, then check out the five biggest clues "The Mirror Has Three Faces" has to offer.

1. The Mysterious Phone Call

Who does Wren call on the phone after talking with Hanna about CeCe Drake? We've never found it, but he calls this mysterious person and says, "We have a problem. I'll take care of my end, you take care of yours." So what exactly does that mean and who was he talking to? Maybe he was giving orders to one of the many A helpers to prevent the Liars from uncovering a revealing clue.

2. His Conversation With Mona About Loyalties & Secrets

The conversation that Wren has with Mona while she's in Radley is rather telling. They speak about why she wanted to kill Wilden (though we know she hadn't actually done this) and he passes her a sketch of a happy family. Wren states that Mona used to trust Wren, and she replies that it was before she found out he was keeping things from her. She then corrects his spelling on his notes. There are so many mysterious things going on in this scene that I could literally break it down word for word. People have tried to analyze what Mona and Wren are talking about repeatedly, and it's a topic of conversation for many fans. Why would the writers spend so much time on double meanings for this scene between Mona (the first A) and Wren if it wasn't extremely important?

3. His Manipulation Of Mrs. Hastings

When Wren visits the Hastings house and speaks to Veronica, he tells her that Mona has not changed and is still going to go after the girls and the people close to them, like Ashley Marin. Veronica tells Wren that he could lose his medical license for what he's doing and he convinces her that he's just trying to do the right thing. He makes Veronica believe his lies to the point that she threatens Mona and has to recuse herself from Ashley's case. Clearly, he's a master at this sort of thing, much like Charles/A.

4. The Creepy Stalking Moment

Who watches a couple kiss secretly in their car? Creeps, that's who. We already know that Wren has a thing for younger girls as he spent a lot of time with Spencer, but Wren also pursues Hanna in previous seasons, even after she rejects him, to the point that his creepiness really overpowers his charm.

5. The Picture Wren Colors

This is the biggest hint of all. Wren is coloring in a picture of a family that looks exactly like the video Charles had of Mrs. DiLaurentis at the Campbell Farm. Come on! Who else could be Charles? Thankfully, there are only a few episodes left before I am (hopefully) vindicated when Charles is unmasked. For more Big A theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

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