Marcia Gay Harden Joins '50 Shades' And She'll Be Awesome Because She's Marcia Gay Harden

Who needs a circus when there are 50 Shades of Grey casting announcements to be had? Yesterday, the world about spun off of its axis when Rita Ora was announced as Mia Grey, Christian's adopted sister. And today, we learned that Marcia Gay Harden will play Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, the adoptive mother of Christian, Elliot, and Mia. Is this a good choice? I haven't read the books, but I'm going to declare it a great choice, because Harden is awesome in everything. The Oscar-winning actress is the latest addition to a cast that includes Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Luke Grimes, Eloise Mumford, and Ora. The movie will hit theaters Feb. 13, 2015.

I haven't read the books, but I did what I could to find information regarding the character of Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey. Okay, you caught me. My research started and ended at the 50 Shades wiki page. Here's what it told me: 1) Grace nearly walks in on son Christian and Anastasia Steele (yikes), 2) she and husband Carrick live in Bellevue, WA (sounds nice), 3) she is a pediatrician (aw), and 4) she has sandy hair and hazel eyes (neat-o). Harden's got this. Oh, I guess her friend seduces Christian when Christian is a teen (yikes, part two). That seems like an important detail. Harden's still got this.

I know people are excited about this movie, but WHOA am I experiencing a little "50 Shades cast announcement fatigue." I suppose that's not entirely fair of me to say. I'm sure if I was more familiar with the series, I'd be eating up the casting choices with a spoon. I think the Charlie Hunnam/Dornan thing is what got to me. How can I believe ANY of the casting announcements? I now wonder. Anyone could bow out at any time. Don't get attached. All bets are off. Nothing is real. Eh, I might be being a tad dramatic.