7 +Size Bloggers Who Give More Than Fashion Advice

by Alysse Dalessandro

I will admit that I can name less than five straight size bloggers off of the top of my head. However, when it comes to plus size fashion bloggers, the list of favorites that I look up to for inspiration is pages and pages long. For me, the things that separate the plus size fashion blogging community from its straight size style blogging counterpart are not just that these bloggers physically look more like me. It's deeper than that. I look to plus size bloggers, writers, and YouTubers because their work is often an intersection between fashion, body positivity, and activism that feeds both my mind and my fashion-loving soul.

So many plus size bloggers have shared intimate details of their self love journeys on their blogs. Somewhere between learning the best places to buy wide calf boots and reading about which brands carry sizes above a 3X, I was also educated about thin privilege, intersectional feminism, representation, and all things size acceptance. The thing is, when you're fat, wearing a bikini, sexy lingerie, a crop top, or even just simply wearing what you want doesn't get to be about just about fashion. It's a political statement, whether you want it to be or not.

While this list is just a start, I'm sure that these women will school you and inspire you at the same time.

1. Chronicles Of A Mixed Fat Chick

When I wrote about the history of the word fat in the fashion community, I made sure that Pia Schiavo-Campo was on my list of women to interview. Her writing, both on her blog Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick and on the site Ravishly, always makes me think about things in a different way. I learned a lot from her essay on unpacking white privilege. And when it comes to her style posts, I can always count on lots of accessories and pattern mixing inspiration.

2. The Curvy Fashionista

Because so many of people's connections in the plus size community exist only online, I haven't met too many people in person from the industry. So, when I met Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, I was legitimately starstruck.

I definitely had reason to be starstruck, considering Denee is one of the original plus size fashion bloggers. She has used her platform to not just share the latest in plus size fashion news, but she also features contributing writers to increase perspective. In addition to writing, Denee brings together the community in person with events such as TCFSwim and the upcoming TCFStyle Expo.

3. Virgie Tovar

"Boss" is the perfect word to describe author Virgie Tovar. I have already expressed her influence in the body positive community but it definitely bares re-stating. Tovar doesn't just style fun vintage prints flawlessly. She is a strong voice and advocate for self love and acceptance and she tours around the country educating people about diet culture. As the founder of the #LoseHateNotWeight movement, Tovar is unapologetically herself. Her blog takes a hybridized academic/cuss word approach that I wish I would've had in my college days. Basically, she is total badass.

4. Curves Become Her

I am obsessed with this witchy look from Aarti Olivia of the blog Curves Become Her. One thing that I can always count on from this Singapore-based blogger is honesty. With an academic background in psychology and psychotherapy, Olivia is attuned not only to her own personal needs but to those of her readers. Her post on learning to love her legs definitely resonated with me, as she shared her own experience with fat shaming and online bullying.

5. The Militant Baker

Jes Baker of the blog The Militant Baker is one of the most outspoken voices in the body positive community. Her writing covers a variety of topics, from body hair to rape culture. In her own words, the subjects range from "delightful to the very very uncomfortable." She also does a lot in addition to writing her blog. You can catch Baker working on her upcoming book, planning the Body Love Conference, speaking at universities around the country, and putting together amazing photo campaigns that challenge big brands to be more inclusive.

6. Phat Girl Fresh

I love reading Maui Bigelow's blog Phat Girl Fresh, because not only do I get inspired to embrace my "Queen Shit," but I feel spiritually inspired, too. She says that she aims to cater to the souls of women. And it's clear that her content is not just informative, but intended to uplift those who need it most. Her recent post about turning 38 was such a good retort to anyone who thinks that style stops after a certain age.

7. Plus Size Princess

I have been reading CeCe Olisa's blog Plus Size Princess for the longest time. I distinctly remember getting a pedicure once and verbally giving a "YESSSSSS" after reading one of her posts on dating. Her blog is the perfect mix of fitness, fashion, and dating. While fitness tips normally make me groan, Olisa's approach is really all about self love and health rather than losing weight to look a certain way (i.e. a more socially acceptable way). She recently encouraged one of her readers not to put her dating life on hold until she lost weight because she is worthy of love at any size. It's an important message that people need to hear over and over again.

Images: themilitantbaker/Instagram