Marie Denee Is Throwing A Plus Size Pool Party

"Swimsuit Season" is almost already in full effect, even though it's definitely too chilly to do much swimming at the lake or in any outdoor body of water at all just yet. While the body-shaming and body-policing that accompanies wearing as little clothing as possible can be unbearable for anyone, The Curvy Fashionista is giving the plus-size babes of Atlanta (I'm gonna need that to be a reality show now) a reason to celebrate and flaunt their curves in style at her first ever event on May 17th: TCFSWIM.

Part fashion show and part plus-size pool party at the luxe W Hotel's Wet Bar, this sounds like it would definitely be the kind of party to get summer off to a great, body positive start. I mean, what sounds like a better way to spend an afternoon than splashing around (or lounging and being served drinks) while checking out some of the season's hottest plus-size swimwear looks? The answer is nothing. Nothing sounds better than that.

The event itself sold out in only six hours, so if you're an Atlantan looking to get in on the good time, you seem to be out of luck for now. With the success and demand for this event, it's not only a sign of support for Denee and a good indicator that her promise of another event will happen soon, but it's also a good reminder of the power of the plus-size market and a need for more body positive spaces.

As a plus-size fashion lover, I find myself feeling left out and excluded from many of the fashion shows and events that happen in my city (and are actually cool) because there's simply not going to be anything for me (and those of my size) there. Plus-size fashion and plus-size bloggers have definitely made online spaces safer, created a thriving online community, and have helped to further the discussion about size acceptance.

The conversation and community seem to be growing by the minute as well, while the industry is starting to positively respond to and answer that call for more variety, choice, and representation. However, outside of the Internet or major city centers, it can still be isolating to be a fat babe and feel like the world outside of the body-posi "bubble" of the Internet can be less accepting.

Events like Denee's help to create a physical community and safe(r) spaces that can feel as powerful, affirming, and welcoming as some people feel in the online realm. Not that plus-size spaces are perfect zones free of race issues, sizeism, or other oppressive attitudes by any means — but I've yet to find a space that is perfectly safe for everyone all the time.

Plus-size only, body positive spaces can be a helpful way for people to let go of their inhibitions and feel free to do their thing without fretting that all eyes are upon them. What we see impacts what we think is beautiful and being in a room — or a pool — full of people who are plus-size can't help but feel a little validating. Being able to take up space, physically as well as metaphorically, is a powerful experience, and I'm all for bringing that from the web to the world. It would seem like Atlantans are, too.

Images: The Curvy Fashionista