Do Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul Want Kids? This 'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Might Be Trying

One of the biggest TV romances is coming back to heat up our screens, and see if their love can make it through yet another version of The Bachelor-style programming. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are returning to The Bachelor in Paradise and they are coming back in a big way. ABC news reports that Lacy and Marcus got married on the first day of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, just their closest friends, family and of course, the cast of their reality TV show. Ah, love. It's been nothing but a whirlwind romance for these two since they both rotated through The Bachelor (Lacy was on Juan Pablo's season, poor girl) and The Bachelorette (we all remember Marcus trying to woo Andi) and finally wound up on Bachelor in Paradise, becoming the hot couple almost instantly. So what does this mean for the couple, aside from having one of the best entrances into a reality TV show of all time? Quite possibly babies! Lacy and Marcus have said they want two kids, after they get married. It sounds like they are ready to get started on that right away. So if they're married when the show gets going... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

They could take this public courtship and marriage thing to the next level and try for a baby! Maybe this is crazy, but the facts back it up (and I wouldn't put anything past these reality show veterans). In an interview with People Magazine Marcus and Lacy spoke about their family planning and timelines with Faddoul saying "I'm excited to start a family!" and Grodd chiming in with wanting "[Two] kids max. I come from a group of three, [and] we're hectic for our parents, so I think two is good enough for us." They want kids, they're excited to get going and they were just waiting to get married. Yep. It all adds up.

How good of a plot would this be on this show? They already spent last season falling in love, so their going to need a new drama to focus on. Of course, someone hunky could come along and drive a wedge between them (that would certainly be juicy) but they are such a cute couple that I am going to cross my fingers that they stay happy in Southern California, safely far away from the Raccoon chats and crocodile tears of Bachelor in Paradise.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; Giphy