How Soon Should We Expect Their Wedding?

Marcus and Lacy. Lacy and Marcus. These two have completely taken over Bachelor in Paradise : Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are basically halfway to the altar already, and they've only been together for a monthlong vacation in Mexico. These two went from flirting to full-on dating within hours, and now the question isn't "Are they getting married?" it's " When are Marcus & Lacy getting married?" Obviously, they needed to wait until Lacy felt comfortable saying "I love you" back to Marcus, but since they've crossed that bridge and the show is about to end (at which point, they can come out of hiding and outright admit that they're together IRL) they'll probably be planning their wedding very, very soon.

They haven't been able to live together yet, though according to spoilers, Lacy is considering moving to Dallas once the show is over and their relationship is out of the bag. Most people spend around a year planning their wedding, but most people don't meet and get engaged on a monthlong television appearance, so we can probably toss any "normal" timetable out the window.

Marcus' sister just got married in July according to his Instagrams, so he probably won't pick that as his month. Plus, he got engaged just months after his former flame, Andi Dorfman from The Bachelorette — and while ABC doesn't have a contract over their lives, it seems unlikely that they'd be down for two stars to get hitched on the same weekend or even the same month. Andi tells Modern Luxury she and Josh Murray will get married May 9 (though that is a tentative date), so Marcus and Lacy will probably be somewhere before or after that — they can share the spotlight, after all.

Plus, since they're both so tan, and they fell in love in paradise, I'm betting they'll want a warm beach wedding. Could June be the perfect month? I certainly think so. June 2015, I'm calling it: That's a good time to look out for a Grodd/Faddoul union. That is, if they don't elope on Tuesday after the Bachelor in Paradise finale airs. Update: According to the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Marcus and Lacy will wed in the spring. Just in time for the finale of The Bachelor... convenient, eh?

Now, if ABC is really smart (and judging by how amazing Bachelor in Paradise has been, they know what they're doing), they've already grabbed Marcus and Lacy and asked them if they'd be interested in putting their engagement and wedding on TV. Come on, while no real person would really want that type of intimacy with a network TV audience, perennial Bachelor/ette stars are perfect candidates. We'd get to see more of their lovey-doviness, maybe get a couple of fights to make it all seem more "real," and get to recapture the thrill of new Bachelor in Paradise episodes when they no doubt fill out the bridal party with their former cast members. If Marcus and Lacy bite, they'll be doing us the service of delivering even more wildly entertaining reality TV. Bonus points for appointing those "talking" raccoons as ring bearers.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; Elan Gale/Instagram