11 Things 'PLL' Fans Say Before A New Episode Airs

To be honest, sometimes being a Pretty Little Liars fan can feel downright stressful. If you're not constantly trying to decipher who A is then you're busy jealously obsessing over each Liar's wardrobe. (Seriously, I want to live in Hanna's closet.) So why is it that we keep coming back for more? Because this series is addictive at its very core. Between Spencer's epic one-liners and the constant replenishment of Haleb feels, this show has basically become like oxygen for me to the point where I'm not entirely sure how I'll ever live without it. Yes, it's safe to say that our dedication for this show runs deep and with that comes a distinct set of rituals. In fact, you may not know this, but there are even certain things that every PLL fan says and thinks about before a new episode airs.

That's right, folks. Our love of PLL is so strong that it's created a collective mindset among viewers. It's almost as if we share one brain — one very theory-crowded, paranoid, doll-aphobic brain, mind you. But the point is, this show knows how to push our buttons and make us go through all different kinds of emotions. So rest assured that if you're a PLL fan, you've definitely said (or at least thought about) these things while waiting for a new episode to debut.

1. "OK, So What The Heck Happened Last Week?"

Given all the details we learn with each passing week, those "previously on Pretty Little Liars" intros are somewhat of a godsend.

2. "How Many More Times Do You Think That Yellow Ruffle Shirt Will Appear?"

Because, honestly, it's starting to ruin my love of the color yellow.

3. "Are We Back To Thinking Charles Is Still A?"

And while we're on the subject, is Charles a girl? Is Charles Freddy? Can someone please give me a straight answer about all of this?!?!?

4. "I'm Starting To Seriously Question If Anyone Is Ever Actually Dead On This Show."

First Mona. Now Charles. Does this mean we should expect Wilden and Jessica DiLaurentis to show up any day now?

5. "I'm Positive [Insert Character Name] Is A."

Thanks to an incredible theory you found on Tumblr, you've never been more sure about A's identity. That is, until you watch the next episode and that theory immediately gets disproven. FML, guys. FML.

6. "Where Does Charles Get All Of His Money?"

And why is he spending it on underground lairs when he could be out traveling the world?

7. "Caleb Better Be In This Week's Episode."

An episode without Caleb, is an episode wasted IMO.

8. "This Was Supposed To Be The Summer Of Answers!"

But it feels more like the Summer of More Questions. *screams loudly into pillow*

9. "Am I A?"

I'm obsessive. I know every aspect of each Liar's life. I own a black hoodie. I love candy. I've played with dolls. Uh oh…

10. "If I Don't Get Some Answers, I'm Never Watching This Show Again."

An empty threat if there ever was one.

11. "Tuesday Night Can't Come Soon Enough."


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