Disney's 'Descendants' Cast Vs. Their Animated Counterparts Will Get You Pumped For The New Movie

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Disney Channel original movies have brought us such timeless gems as Motocrossed, Smart House, and Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century. (Yes, and also High School Musical.) Now the House of Mouse is poised to debut the newest entry into their pantheon of small screen classics: Descendants , from HSM director/choreographer Kenny Ortega. Premiering this Friday night, the movie (which is definitively NOT a sequel or prequel to the 2011 George Clooney film) tells the story of the offspring of classic Disney villains. Recently freed from their exile on the Isle of the Lost, the quartet of terrible teens return to the kingdom of Auradon, where they have to decide whether to be good like everyone else... or help their villainous parents take over the world.Before you let Descendants cast its spell on you and dive head-first into its candy-colored world of a cappella-singing princes, study up on the movie's main cast — and see if you can guess which animated baddie each young star is playing the progeny of.

Image: Jack Rowand/Disney Channel

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