Arielle Vandenberg & Matt Cutshall Are An A+ Duo

Despite having a ridiculous Vine video shoved in my face multiple times a day, a lot of times, I just don't get it. “It” being the purpose of the app, other than to annoy me by looping endlessly. But then, I remember Vine stars like Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall and "it" all seems to make sense. The two often pair up to deliver hilarious, over-the-top takes on true to life situations that make me understand that Vine is a great source of real entertainment, and not just for amateur singers trying to get notoriety and a couple of likes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but... it’s not usually the sort of pastime I’m after.

Obviously, Vandenberg and Cutshall are not the only duo to make funny, noteworthy Vines, but they are unique in that their undeniably adorable and in tune friendship helps to give their videos a little “oomph” over the others. I suppose the mark of any true, successful Vine partnership is being able to make zany, kooky vids during otherwise mundane car rides — at least, that seems to be Vandenberg and Cutshall's formula a lot of the time. You know, when they aren’t wreaking havoc on foot together.

Here are nine Vines that prove Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall are the absolute best Vine duo.

1. When They Spiced Up Clothes Shopping

OK, I jumped.

2. When They Made Froyo Exceedingly Romantic

I'm not gunna lie, my heart was warmed.

3. When They Showed The Frustration Of Being Musically Inclined

Me in every situation, every single day. The struggle is so real.

4. When They Prepped In A Similar, Strange Way

Is that a bird mating call, or...?

5. When They Pulled A Friends & Found Their Own "Ugly, Naked Guy"

Curiosity nearly killed the Vine stars.

6. When They Perfectly Executed Every Twenty-Something's Time Conundrum

Sorry you have things to do. Or... nothings to do.

7. When Their Love Was Unrequited

I feel that, girl.

8. When They Did This, Because They Could

I don't think there's an "appropriate" time to whip, anyway.

9. When They Were Real Life Mall Rebels

Ride or die, man. Ride or die.

Image: Matt Cutshall/Instagram