8 Cute Ways To Dress Up Your Bookshelf

When was the last time you dusted off your bookshelf? I know I haven't in a while. And I've decided that I should go beyond just cleaning and organizing them; instead, I feel that bookshelves should be the main centerpiece in any room. They're already gorgeous: I mean, what's better looking than hundreds of books? NOTHING, I SAY. But more than anything, they're the home to all the books you adore, and they deserve a makeover.

Although color-coding, categorizing, and stacking books are all great ways to organize your shelves, what about adding some color or knick-knacks? Apart from books, there are a lot of fun ways to dress up your bookshelf. These fun photos I found on Instagram prove it: these people have a lot of creativity!

Get ready to put on your DIY pants, my friends (you have those, too, right?) — but don't fear, all of these tips are friendly and easy to do.

1. Add A Pop Of Color

Use your favorite color as the backdrop to your bookshelf. You can always paint on easy designs, too, like polka dots or stripes. If you can't decide on a single color, though, go crazy and paint the rainbow!

2. Add Some Light

Christmas lights aren't just for the holiday season (ask anyone with a dorm, duh). They string up perfectly around bookshelves, and make the room wonderfully ambient for reading.

But if you're one who firmly believes Christmas lights should be kept in boxes till December 1, place some candles along the outer corners of your shelves. To be on the extra-safe side, use fake candles instead of flames.

3. Frame a Favorite Page

Adding photos of you, your friends, and family is a great way to personalize your bookshelf — but framing your favorite page of a book is even better! This is an easy DIY if you don't mind running out and picking up a used copy of your favorite book to frame.

4. Smell the Books

Picking some fresh flowers from the garden or farmers market and adding them to your bookshelf will bring it to life. You could also include little succulent plants as well. However, if you're anything like me and can't seem to keep a plant alive, try fake flowers instead. I won't tell anyone.

5. Make Room for the Cat

It's a well known fact that books and cats go together as well as PB&J. Putting a blanket or two on the bottom shelf for your cat will make it even cozier. Plus, you'll probably get extra cuddles from the fur ball.

6. Watch the Time

You're going to need something to remind you of the time when your nose is buried in a book! This adorable clock will fit right in next to your book collection.

7. Add Your Knick-Knacks

Snowglobes, seashells, stuffed animals, figurines, empty wine bottles... whatever! Use a middle or top shelf to display your favorite things. It'll shake up the average looking bookshelf and make it more personalized.

8. Bookend It

Find a pair of bookends that you love to tack them onto those shelves that aren't quite full... yet.

Image: LWYang/flickr