Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding Location Will Be Fit for Royalty (Literally)

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married, their wedding is going to be crazier than we ever could have imagined. The power couple to end all power couples has been shopping for a venue and apparently, they've chosen a quaint little spot in Kanye's beloved France. You may have heard of it, it's called the Palace of Versailles. Yes, Kimye might be getting married at the Palace of Versailles, according to Us Weekly.

It really is the perfect fit for the couple best known for their over-the-top lifestyles and crippling egos to get married at a castle meant for actual royalty, best known for its ridiculous opulence. There couldn't be a better match.

Lucky for Kim, the pair has said over and over again that this wedding is all about Kanye. He's never been married, while she probably has some gifts that still need to be returned from her last wedding. That means that no matter how insane this wedding gets, Kim can't be ridiculed too much, since technically it is Kanye's day.

And we all know that if Kanye wants to get married at the Palace of Versailles, that's what will happen. If he wants baby North to descend from the ceiling dressed as an angel, Givenchy will start making infant-sized luxury wings.

Hopefully Kanye will have time to plan the wedding in between stops on his Yeezus tour... that Pinterest board won't fill itself, after all. Our biggest hope though, is that Kimye lets the rest of the world into Versailles on this most sacred of days, through our TVs. If I had to watch Kim get the cellulite buffed out of her ass, I think I've earned an E! invitation.