There's an Update on That Wedding...

The union of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's egos may be the best thing to ever happen in the celebrity world. They've brought us so many great things — besides their adorable, ridiculously-named daughter. Just a few days ago, they gifted the world with "Bound 2," one of the most insane music videos of all time, and now, they're considering letting us watch their wedding.

That's right, the Kimye wedding might be aired on TV, because the two are even more insane when put together. According to Us Weekly, Kim and Kanye are considering whether or not to broadcast the wedding, but if they do, they would film it themselves and then "sell it to a network," rather than have a camera crew do it for them.

Here's where the delusions come in. Exactly what networks do Kim and Kanye think are going to be interested in buying the wedding? It would obviously be on E!, at this point it might violate some contract if it wasn't. Of course Kanye thinks that his wedding will be the most coveted footage in TV history, I just can't picture an episode of CSI being stopped with the announcement, "We interrupt this program to show you the most important wedding of all time."

Sorry Kanye, but that stuff is going to air after an all-day marathon of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know, the show that you now refuse to be on? Because it's exposing too much of your personal life to be on the show that made your fiancé famous? But she can be topless in your music video, and a TV wedding falls somewhere in between, I guess?

Not that I want to discourage the couple from airing the wedding, in fact, I really, really hope they go through with it. It is going to be absolutely ridiculous, in all of the best ways and no matter what network it airs on, we all should be watching.