This Ad For BritneySpears.com Is Everything

When you hear the words "Britney," "Spears," and "commercial," what is the very first thing that plays on the projection screen that exists in your mind's eye? If it is Britney Spears's Pepsi ad campaign, I'm right there with you. After all, the iconic pop star's ads for the iconic soda pop (bop she-bop she-bop she-bop) are, well, iconic. If it is not one of the ads for the caramel-colored carbonated beverage, my next guess would be that it is one of Godney's many perfume commercials. And if that is the correct answer, I totally understand it (especially if it's the TV spot that features the suction cup arrow-toting dude); those ads have been a commercial break fixture for over a decade.

But maybe it is neither a Pepsi ad nor a fragrance ad. Maybe you picture one of the many Britney Spears ads that, quite frankly, do not receive enough attention. If that is the case, I salute you. Thank you for keeping the spirit of these remarkable ads alive.

Of what do I speak? Between 1999 and 2003, Spears appeared in a lot of commercials, and many of these commercials were for products other than Pepsi. Some ran in the United States, some ran overseas, most are available online, and all are terrific. Here are some of the very best:


No frills. No special effects. No elaborate costumes. Just a friendly reminder to pick up a copy of ...Baby One More Time at your local Tarjay.

Toyota Vios

Thanks to this ad campaign, underrated Britney track "Anticipating" got its brief moment in the sun.

Go Go Tea

There is some really excellent arm dancing happening in this ad for the Japanese soft drink.


Much like ketchup and french fries, Britney Spears and 'N Sync is an unstoppable combo.


I can't feel my face.

Suki gummy candy

If I had my way, the interior of my apartment would look exactly like the interior of that private jet. One day, my roommates will see the light. One day...


In this particular masterpiece, Sim Britney takes over the screen and invites the audience to stop by BritneySpears.com. I love The Sims and I love Brit Brit, so this ad is like a heatseeking missile aimed at my heart.