Check Out Ashlee & Evan's Wedding Album

It has been 10 months since singers Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross married, but that doesn't mean the happy couple have stopped celebrating their special day. On Tuesday, Ross shared some of their wedding photos on Instagram for the entire world to see. In addition to making everyone to bask in his and Simpson's love for one another and expressing his adoration for his wife, it seems Ross is excited to become a dad for the first time, which may have caused him to post the pics. As he described alongside one of the photos, "#reflections of such a beautiful wedding. Me and my amazing wife @ashleesimpsonross. At my mothers house in Greenwich Connecticut! And now I can't wait to meet my little baby girl." I can't blame him.

This is the first time fans are seeing a bunch of photos from their September 2014 wedding. Yes, there were some paparazzi pics, but those don't count. Plus, these ones are from Ross and Simpson's professional wedding photographer, who did a beautiful job. The photos are beyond gorgeous. From Simpson's beautiful lace dress — which featured a crop top like Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie — to the many friends and family in attendance, their big day was quite elegant.

With that said, the photos also show their wedding was a bit over-the-top, aka just like your typical celebrity wedding. Now, by no means am I trying to diminish their day, but like with any celebrity wedding, it's much more excessive than a "normal" wedding. Here's what I mean.

The Wedding Party Was HUGE

Whoa. That's a lot of people. According to E! Online, Simpson and Ross had a huge bridal party made up of 10 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen, including Jessica Simpson as maid of honor, Donald Faison, CaCee Cobb, and Jessica's husband Eric Johnson.

The Reception Looked Like A Fairytale Forest

Yep, that's what all the wedding receptions I attend look like, how about you? I wouldn't expect anything less from a celeb wedding.

Ashlee's Dresses Were Anything But Boring

Both of Simpson's dresses for the rehearsal dinner and the actual ceremony sure weren't blah. Actually, they're quite beautiful. At least she didn't have a "costume change" from the ceremony to the reception like many other famous brides, right?

See? A bit lavish like all those other celebrity weddings I'm sure you read about. Also, I can't argue that their wedding wasn't filled with romance. I mean, look:

Their day was definitely memorable, just like the day they welcome to their baby girl will be.