What Makes Up A 'Fresh Prince' Geoffrey Zinger?

Geoffrey the Butler was easily one of the best characters on the iconic television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As Will Smith left West Philadelphia and arrived at his aunt and uncle's Bel-Air estate intent on wrecking havoc on their upper middle class lives. While Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv worked tirelessly to try and open Will's eyes, and get him to learn the error of his ways, it was Geoffrey the Butler's wise cracks on Fresh Prince that kept Will in line on a daily basis. Geoffrey's zingers were so biting and quick, you could actually miss them if you weren't paying close enough attention.

Will wasn't the only member of the Banks household to earn one of Geoffrey's magical one-liners. Everyone from Uncle Phil to Will's youngest cousin Ashley could be put in their place by the typically straight-laced butler. Though he was paid to help make sure that the Banks home ran efficiently, Geoffrey was still very much a member of the Banks family. The Fresh Prince certainly would not have been the same without his presence. His sarcasm was always spot on, and he was quick to knock down anyone a peg or two, when they started to think too highly of themselves.

Geoffrey was the king of sarcasm and wit. But, what actually made up a Geoffrey Butler zinger? Here’s a breakdown:

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle