A Guide To All The 'OUAT' 'Ships

Captain Hook may have the Jolly Roger, but that certainly won't be the only 'ship making an appearance throughout Once Upon a Time Season 5. After all, you don't become invested in a fairytale-centric series without developing a favorite OUAT 'ship (or two, or ten) along the way. From Captain Swan and Snowing to Outlaw Queen and Rumbelle, there's simply no limit to these epic Storybrooke romances. But that doesn't necessarily make any of them safe from the dark clutches of Season 5's wrath. Because now that Emma is the new Dark One, I think it's safe to assume that every relationship on this show is in potential jeopardy. (Haven't you heard? All magic comes with a price.)

Despite her attempts to remain good, those OUAT Season 5 promos and photos speak volumes as to the dark path this Savior is headed down. It's just a question of how many others she's going to take with her in the process — regardless of how much it may hurt us. Thankfully, as of now, all of the main 'ships are basically intact (at least for the time being). However, given the action-packed finale Season 4 dealt out, it's completely understandable if you're having a hard time remembering where exactly all of these relationships currently stand. If that's the case, then allow me to help refresh your memory and guide you through this trail of romantic breadcrumbs…

Captain Swan

This dynamic duo may be together now, but as Emma's inner-Dark One continues to grow, I have a feeling so will the distance between her and that swashbuckling pirate she (and the rest of humanity) have grown so fond of. That's not to say that Hook will give up on the woman he loves without a fight, of course, especially since he was once considered a "bad guy" himself. But if the promos are any indication, the Emma he fell for may no longer be the Emma that still exists. If I were you, I'd prepare myself for some rocky waters ahead, mateys.

Odds of survival: 44 percent (Don't worry, I'm just as upset about this prospect as you are.)

Outlaw Queen

Despite the fact that Zelena is currently pregnant with Robin's child, Regina and her merry man appear to as happy as ever together… so clearly it's only a matter of time until trouble ensues. Like it or not, this baby will connect Robin and Zelena forever, which could eventually lead to some bitter and resentful behavior from Regina's direction. However, now that the Evil Queen is not-so-evil these days, there's a good chance she'll be able to look past all that and perhaps even try to reconcile things with her sister. Hey, if Emma's not going to be taking up her usual Savior mantle, then someone has to!

Odds of survival: 83 percent (With a cool name like Outlaw Queen, it'd be wrong for these two to not end up together.)


Rumple is somewhat comatose right now after experiencing his little Dark One-ectomy, but let's assume for a minute here that he does, in fact, wake up (because magic!). Belle and Rumple will be in a much healthier place this season than they were last year or any year before that for that matter. Now that he's no longer at the mercy of dark magic, they can hopefully hit the refresh button on their marriage and fall in love all over again. I'll raise a chipped cup to that!

Odds of survival: 91 percent (And if this means more incredible dance scenes, then so be it.)


Sure, having your daughter turn evil is bound to be a bit of a bummer. And yes, it's probably going to put a slight strain on their marriage. But we're talking about one of the most epic love stories on this show. There's absolutely nothing that can tear them apart… right? (They always find each other, after all.)

Odds of survival: 100 percent (Current address: Denial Avenue. Visitors welcome.)

Swan Queen

Could a new Emma signal the start of a new love interest? Perhaps one that's been bubbling beneath the surface of many fan fiction sites for several years? Hey, you never know. Dark Emma could end up surprising us all.

Odds of survival: 18 percent (Though, if they get the heart of the truest believer on their side, they could skyrocket up to Snowing status. Just saying!)

Scarlet Beauty

Sorry, but now that Rumple is back in the picture as his less magical and manipulative self, I think it's safe to say that this particular 'ship has sailed its course. I'm just hoping this will help free up some of Will's time so that he can be given an actual storyline this season. Plus, are we ever going to find out what happened to Anastasia? Let's try to charter that 'ship back on course.

Odds of survival: 2 percent (Because you should never say never on this show.)

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